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LeTourneau University Online Dual Enrollment

LeTourneau University Online Dual Enrollment
Your humble homeschool can compete with the most prestigious college prep high school. Let me show you how! Register here: Super Scholarships for Humble Homeschoolers Webinar Are you looking for ways to pay for your college education? Check out dual ...
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Soon to Be Medical Missionary Receives $40,000 Scholarship

Soon to Be Medical Missionary Receives $40,000 Scholarship

Soon to Be Medical Missionary Receives $40,000 Scholarship

Jill just emailed me an update - check out the progress of her daughter's college admission and scholarships! So exciting!
I wanted to give you an update on my daughter. She is going into nursing, and wants to be a medical missionary. She was accepted to her top 3 choices of colleges with no problem. At two of the bigger private colleges, she received a $40K scholarship merit-based on her ACT score and her current GPA. WOOHOOO!!! She has chosen a university that has a HUGE focus on missions throughout the campus, and especially in nursing. They are also rated #10 in the nation for their nursing program. We are very excited about it!! Her admissions counselor was very impressed with her and her comprehensive records.

She has been plugging away at scholarship applications to earn her half credit for Essay Writing and of course to earn scholarships. She found a great one for an Alzheimer’s teen group raising awareness. She has a great perspective to share from working in a nursing home. So, we will keep on keepin’ on with the applications. I filed our FAFSA on Jan. 1st and will complete it this week as my husband has our taxes just about done. Senior portraits have been taken, and we have a graduation party planned!

Thanks so much for your help! I have no idea where we would be without your help and guidance. I tell all of my homeschooling friends that have 8th graders about you! I don’t want them to spend the hours and hours and hours I spent in October getting all their children’s records up to date their senior year. I know you can help them!

Jill in Wisconsin

Plan ahead for success. Take Jill's advice, and start EARLY so you learn about comprehensive homeschool records and the college admission and scholarships process, so you can be successful too! And look for Jill's daughter on the missionary field!

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Homeschooler Wins Full Scholarship - Plus Some More!

Homeschooler Wins Full Scholarship - Plus Some More!

Homeschooler Wins Full Scholarship - Plus Some More!

I love hearing homeschool success stories, especially when a homeschooler wins full scholarships - don't you? This note was SO wonderful and SO encouraging to me. I know it will bless you as well!
Dear Lee,

I just wanted to write and thank you for the encouragement you provided as my daughter applied to colleges this fall. A big thanks for taking time to look over her transcript and make suggestions regarding courses taken through outside sources such as community college and distance learning programs. It really made for a more professional look.

In addition, thank you for the articles about the SAT and ACT on your blog/website that lead me to have Madeleine take both tests. Her high ACT score along with her GPA got her the invitation to Scholars' Day. I am convinced that her ACT score was a large factor in being awarded the Centennial Scholarship as well as being invited to be a member of the Ina E. Gordy Honors College at Mississippi University for Women. Madeleine's scholarship will be paying for four years of tuition, out-of-state fees, room/board, book stipend as well as $5000 toward a month summer abroad program. We are so proud of her hard work and thank you again for all that I learned through your services.

There are sooo many parents that worry about college and scholarships. You are providing a service much needed by many of them.

Renee S. Gardiner
Madison, AL

THANK YOU, Renee for allowing me to share your wonderful news!  I think many parents will be blessed to see how well homeschooling can pay off for college! A homeschooler wins full scholarship - and more - this is truly incredible!!

Do you have a success story to share? Please do, to encourage other homeschoolers!

Please note: This post was originally published in May 2009 and has been revamped and updated for accuracy and comprehensiveness.

When applying for college, your child will need a great homeschool transcript. The good news is you can “do-it-yourself” and save thousands. Discover The HomeScholar's Total Transcript Solution.
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Help! I need opinions for my book title!

Help!  I need opinions for my book title!

I need some opinions on a book title!  I'm just about done with my next book.  This one is about college application, admission, and scholarships.  It's going to include information about curriculum, testing, finding colleges, elite university admission, check lists for junior and senior year, merit and need based scholarships, letters of recommendation, application essays, competitions, interviews.  Tons of college admission stuff.  Very different from my last book about homeschool records.

We decided we like having the main title called "Courting the Colleges"  because we are including a scripture verse and a quote from the Princess Bride on every chapter.  So what I'm really looking for right now is a subtitle.  I need something long that clearly spells out exactly what is in the book, but hopefully in a fun, catchy way.  For example, this title is HILARIOUS and so it's very catchy:  The Neurotic Parent's Guide to College Admissions: Strategies for Helicoptering, Hot-housing & Micromanaging (I just about died laughing!)  I don't need something THAT funny, though.  I guess I'm not thinking "hilarious" so much as "catchy."

Can you please share ideas for a neat title and subtitle?  Do you like "Courting the Colleges"??

Here are some ideas we are pondering:
How to Win the Love of Your First-Choice University and Earn Quick Admission and Huge Scholarships
Secrets Homeschoolers Know about Wooing and Winning University Admission and Scholarships
A Successful Homeschooler’s Secrets for Wooing and Winning University Admission and Scholarships
How to Help Your Homeschooler Woo and Win University Admission and Scholarships
Help Your Homeschooler Woo and Win University Admission and Scholarships
A Homeschooler's Guide to College Admissions: Strategies for Finding the Perfect College for Your Unique Child
How to Prepare your Homeschool Student for College Admission and Scholarships
How to Find a University that will Love your Child and Shower Them with Huge Scholarships!
A Homeschooler's Guide to College Admissions: Strategies to Woo and Win the Perfect College for Your Child
Learn a Homeschooler's Secrets for College Admissions and Scholarships: Strategies for Finding, Affording, and Loving the College of Your Dreams
Secrets for College Admissions and Scholarships: A Homeschool Family's Guide to Finding and Affording the College of Your Dreams

Here are some other books on amazon on the same subject - don't want to sound too similar:

College Admission: From Application to Acceptance, Step by Step
Admission Matters: What Students and Parents Need to Know About Getting into College
A Is for Admission: The Insider's Guide to Getting into the Ivy League and Other Top Colleges
Countdown to College: 21 To Do Lists for High School: Step-By-Step Strategies for 9th, 10th, 11th, and 12th Graders
What You Don't Know Can Keep You Out of College: A Top Consultant Explains the 13 Fatal Application Mistakes and Why Character Is the Key to College Admissions
College Admissions - A Step By Step Guide Through the Process
How to Be a High School Superstar: A Revolutionary Plan to Get into College by Standing Out (Without Burning Out)
The Neurotic Parent's Guide to College Admissions: Strategies for Helicoptering, Hot-housing & Micromanaging
College Admission: From Application to Acceptance, Step by Step
How to Make Colleges Want You: Insider Secrets for Tipping the Admissions Odds in Your Favor

I am now the Seattle Homeschool Examiner.  You can read my homeschool articles here.
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Encouraging Girls in Math and Science

Encouraging Girls in Math and Science
There are more girls going to college than there are boys.  Girls are in the majority, so they are less likely to receive admission and financial aid.....  except in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math.  In those areas, girls are still in the minority.   You can encourage your young women to pursue a college major in STEM, and it might improve their chances of admission and financial aid.  One of my clients recommended Expanding Your Horizons conferences for girls.

Expanding Your Horizons in Science and Mathematics™ conferences for girls

Their mission is to encourage young women to pursue science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) careers. Through Expanding Your Horizons (EYH) Network programs, they provide STEM role models and hands-on activities for middle and high school girls. Currently Expanding Your Horizons conferences are held in 31 states and in Europe and Asia.

Locate a conference in your area

When you are applying for colleges, you will need a great homeschool transcript.  The good news is you can “do-it-yourself” and save thousands.  Discover the Total Transcript Solution.
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Give Colleges What They Want

Give Colleges What They Want
One tip to getting a good scholarship is to give college exactly what they want.  The happier you make the college, the more they like your student. That means they may give you money in scholarships!   Here is Ann's recent experience:

Recently, Ethan received a letter from the Dean of Admissions at CCSU. It said his application was important to them, and they wanted to interview him. We didn't know what to make of that, but if I understood Ethan correctly, he interviews students who he thinks might have challenges making the transition to college (he is interested in improving the graduation rate at the school). He wondered if it would be a big change for Ethan to go from homeschool to a school of 12,000 students, but said the music department is small and tends to be close-knit, so the adjustment may be easier. I think he was just curious about homeschooling--he said CCSU and another state college have received many applications from homeschoolers this year, and he complemented Ethan a few times (then me, too, after the interview) on our records. I would not have had homeschool records like that without your training and assistance, so I need to pass that complement on to you! He wanted to show the records to others in the department, and said something along the lines of what one of the admissions counselors you dealt with said--something about wishing he got more than a transcript from other students as well. I got the impression that he was very curious about homeschoolers, probably because of all the applications he's been receiving.
~ Ann in CT

In Ann's experience, the college seemed to have questions about socialization.  They wanted an interview to see if the student would be able to transition from homeschool to a large university.  Some people don't understand that homeschool students are wonderfully socialized!

When I read that, I'll admit I felt some frustration with this college. When I went to the University of Washington, I did know a student who completely fell apart when faced with the large class sizes.  She was a public school student, but from a rural district with a graduating class size under 30.  It wasn't because she was homeschooled!  But look at Ann's great response.  She doesn't get self-righteous and up-in-arms.  She gives the college what they want - an interview.  Naturally her son has no trouble, and passes that test with flying colors.

In Ann's experience, they were extremely grateful for her thorough documentation.  Using examples from the Comprehensive Record Solution, Ann created great course descriptions for every class.  They were thoroughly read and evaluated.  One college my children applied to said, "I wish all the public school kids had to provide these course descriptions.  They come to the university with four years of English but they can hardly read and write!  I've always wondered what they were supposed to be learning in those classes!"  And here, in Ann's experience, another college has a similar feeling.  They LOVED having the extra documentation.  Yes, it takes some efforts to create course descriptions, but it's worth it.

Give the college what they want.  Unless they are asking you to do something against your values, bow to their preferences and give them what they want.

The Comprehensive Record Solution provides the training and templates and real life examples of successful high school records.
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Reduce College Expenses with CLEP and CollegePlus!

Reduce College Expenses with CLEP and CollegePlus!
Lee, I know your boys did the "CLEP route" before going to college. Did this shorten the number of credits they had to take in college?  And, are you familiar with the program College Plus? Do you have any thoughts on this company? Thanks,
~ Kitty in Washington

We did use CLEP to achieve one year of college by exam.  The biggest deal is to make sure the university you want to go to will accept those credits. The college my children attend, Seattle Pacific University, accepts one year of credit by exam.  We also had one year of community college, so they both ended up beginning the university as a junior.

Because of their full tuition scholarships, we were not constrained by finances, and the kids were allowed to take 4 years to graduate anyway.  For my son the engineer, it was imperative to take four years.  For an engineering student, it's extremely difficult to accelerate a four year degree. I've know kids with an A.A. degree from community college who STILL take four more years to get an engineering degree from a university. My guess is that most hard sciences are the same way - difficult to speed up.  I do know one biology major who graduated in two years, I guess.  But that's only one.

My younger son the political science major has also gone to the university for 4 years, but in his case it was optional.  As a social science major (politics and economics) it would have been easy for him to graduate within two years.  Because he was young, we told him to take any classes that he wanted to and graduate in four years.  He took additional French, Latin, Math, Piano, and Philosophy classes just for the love of learning.  He is also graduating after four years, but he could have easily graduated in two years.

CLEP can shorten the number of credits you take in college.  It depends on the college policy about CLEP, and it also depends on your major and  whether it is possible to CLEP the classes that you need.  We found that CLEP not only gave us college credits, documenting our homeschool and greatly strengthening their application, which helped them get great scholarships.

The unexpected benefit of CLEP was being able to afford four years of college after all!

I'm very familiar with CollegePlus! I think they are a great organization, with a great Christian worldview.  They are most helpful with for degrees in the humanities, business and computers fields. There are fewer choices for engineering or the more technical fields of study.  Here is a link to the degrees they can assist with. They also offer a wonderful mentoring program for students as they work through their college course of study.

If you only want to homeschool college for a year, or if you are highly organized and motivated to do it yourself, it's completely possible to work
independently.  I recommend that you read these two books on the subject: Accelerated Distance Learning and Bears’ Guide .

I do have a website devote to homeschooling college .

Finally, here is a blog post I've written about this issue in the past.

The HomeScholar Gold Care Club will give you the comprehensive help and individualized coaching you need to homeschool high school.
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How to Make a Scholarship Notebook!

How to Make a Scholarship Notebook!
Laura asks:  Wow, this is my first time to blog and I'm not sure what I am doing. Hopefully this is how & what I am supposed to do. Here's my question. I was at the Cascadia college fair where you showed a thick notebook which you had with many dividers. This notebook was a filing system used for researching scholarships and keeping track of stuff. I am wondering if you can tell me what the divided sections were that you used.

Dear Laura,

I had so much fun meeting you at the College Fair!  It was nice to see a friendly face in the audience when I spoke on "College Scholarships for High School Credit. "  My scholarship notebook is a three ring binder with dividers.  In the notebook are all the scholarships, placed in order of "due date."  The tabs were only to keep the scholarships separate, without anything special written on them.  If you put the due date on each tab that may help!  Only descriptions of the scholarships were in the notebook.

I'm planning to make the audio of that presentation available in the future, but my tech department (my sweet husband!) is a too busy preparing my e-book on transcripts right now to be distracted by anything else.  I'll be glad to explain things on the phone, if anyone else needs the information.  It takes an hour to get through the whole conversation.

Read my article: Home School High School Math - Hitting the Wall. If you do, please leave a comment.  Thanks!
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