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College Hope for Dyslexics

College Hope for Dyslexics
A mother wrote to ask me about suggestions for dyslexia.Most of my work is focused on helping parents homeschool through high school and working toward college preparation, so I don't have specific recommendations about dyslexia.  I can give you some GREAT news though!  I go to college fairs all the time with my business, and I can tell you that there are colleges who love and value dyslexic students.  Colleges that have great scholarships available to...
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"Latest and Greatest" vs. "Tried and True"

I'm going to write a short article about this in my next newsletter, but I can't resist mentioning it here as well.  Here is an example on how to save money on curriculum.Latest and Greatest: Exploring Creation with Biology 2nd Edition Full Course on CD-ROMFor $50 you can buy the latest and greatest version of this popular curriculum.Tried and True: Exploring Creation With Biology - 1st EditionFor only $8, you can buy the original Exploring Creation...
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Recent Comments
Guest — Lee
Hi Christy, I think it helps to focus on that phrase you used "award winning curriculum." So many of the things we pass over may ... Read More
Wednesday, 16 July 2008 06:22
Guest — Christy
Yes. I use TOG as our main curriculum. They are in the process of redesigning it, which is great. The redesign is much more user f... Read More
Wednesday, 16 July 2008 06:02
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