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What's Up with Reading Lists?

What's Up with Reading Lists?
What's up with Reading Lists? Every student should have a high school reading list as part of their college admission package. Each will be a unique reading list that reflects the child's unique abilities and interests. Online you can find many sites with  reading lists for the college bound .  They should not be used as to do lists, though. Personal reading lists vary widely - depending on the child and how much the child loves to read. ...
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3 Big Ideas That Save Money on Gifts

3 Big Ideas That Save Money on Gifts
You can save money on gifts for the holidays! Several great ways to save money on gifts included: buying things that are useful AND are things you will eventually need to buy anyway.  Buying gifts that improve your chances of receiving really great scholarships saves you money in the long run, too! Here are three HUGE ideas to help you save money on gifts this holiday season.   1. Buy Great Books  Many homeschoolers love great...
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Important Dates for 2013

Important Dates for 2013
The New Year is here, and it’s time to mark up your new 2013 calendar! Include any upcoming exams or college preparations you need to make for your high school student.  Don’t miss these deadlines, because many of them are inflexible!  Check the links below for further information about each test. Deadline                                    Test or Activity January                                     Find a college fair to attend in your area January 11 th                               Register for ACT test on Feb 9...
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Playing Christmas School

Playing Christmas School
When our kids were in high school, we cut WAY back on homeschool work during December, because there’s so much more going on during this time. We did school for about 3-4 hours a day. Like public schools do during half-days, we crammed the core subjects into the morning, and took the rest of the day off.  We covered math, foreign language, science (sometimes), journal writing, and reading. Our boys loved reading, so nothing I could...
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High School Reading Lists & Reading Comprehension

High School Reading Lists & Reading Comprehension
Are you confused about reading lists? High school reading lists are not just for "school" books, they are for ALL books. High School Reading Lists & Reading Comprehension When we were homeschooling, my children would occasionally write a brief essay about a book they read, but only once in a while.  I can't even remember if we did one a year...perhaps less!  An essay or even reading comprehension questions are not required for a book to...
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How to Read a Million Books in a Week

How to Read a Million Books in a Week
We used to go camping a lot.  Car campers, we would take every creature comfort from home, and set up our tent next to the car.  We would take day hikes each day, and cook over an open fire.  To be honest, though, most of the time we all spent reading. When my children were younger, I would prepare unit studies for them to read.  Books on insects or trees, or stories of survival and outdoor...
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What Goes On a Homeschool Reading List?

What Goes On a Homeschool Reading List?
They call it a reading LIST for a reason. If they wanted the edition, publisher, and copyright date they would ask for a reading bibliography! When you are preparing your reading list for your high schooler, all you really need is the title and author of each book. You can include books the children read by themselves, books they read aloud to you, and books you read aloud to them. You can include some books on...
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