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Teen Wants to go to Public School

Teen Wants to go to Public School
There are certainly some challenging things that can happen to homeschoolers.  One of the biggest challenges is a child that wants to go to public school.  Nobody will have the answer for you, and nobody can solve this problem.  It's something you just have to work through - and pray over.  If you are in the midst of the struggle, I can consult with you on the phone if you are a Gold Care Club member....
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Exit Public School and Gather your Children

Exit Public School and Gather your Children
Some parents are born homeschooling their children.  Other parents begin educating their children in the common way until they realize they need to make a change.  It's interesting to watch families taking their first tentative steps into the homeschool arena. Some begin the journey resistant, even angry at the world for being forced into the lifestyle.  First tentative, gradually they become more confident.  Eventually they begin to feel fulfilled as a parent and as a family....
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Convincing Your Spouse about Homeschooling

Convincing Your Spouse about Homeschooling
Trying to convince your spouse about homeschooling? Let the data set you free!. Dear Lee,Happy New Year to you! I wrote you last year about homeschooling our 16 year old son. He is still attending public school. School just started this week, and he hates it. My husband and I are trying to ask him what is going on, and he said, he is lonely, and dealing  with some comments from other friends/teens. He is an...
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Guest — Tweets that mention Here's how to convincing your spouse about #homeschooling - #homeschool --
[...] This post was mentioned on Twitter by Lee Binz, Lee Binz. Lee Binz said: Here's how to convincing your spouse about #ho... Read More
Tuesday, 18 January 2011 03:59
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Unexpected Benefits of the PSAT

Unexpected Benefits of the PSAT
There are lots of benefits of taking the PSAT; practicing for an important test, receiving financial aid for college.  Last week I found an unexpected benefit!  When children see a public school environment, it can have surprisingly positive consequences!  This letter from Sheri explains what her son learned in school the day he took the PSAT. What a Difference a Day Makes!Hi Lee,I thought you might enjoy hearing about my son's day (well, really just a...
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Using Calculators in Your Homeschool

Using Calculators in Your Homeschool
Calculators are used in public schools. Calculators can be used in a homeschool.  Calculators are neither evil nor a God-given right. Calculators are a tool that can help students do math faster, much like a computer will help students write faster.   Calculators can't really teach math concepts anymore than a computer can teach a student to write, but they can be a great tool. When students are very young, the emphasis is on learning how to...
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Guest — Nina
If you are teaching your high school aged kids advanced math, sophisticated computation tools like graphing calculators make the c... Read More
Sunday, 23 January 2011 10:59
Guest — Anna-Marie
My husband and I were just discussing this a few days ago. We decided to introduce it around 5th grade. Maybe we should consider... Read More
Monday, 18 October 2010 19:22
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Withdrawing From Public High School

Withdrawing From Public High School
Sometime a student will request to be withdrawn from public high school and begin homeschooling. If that is the case for you and you can support them, I would encourage you to do it and not look back. You CAN pull your students out anytime you want to. If you want to get their high school grades first you could wait until the grades are released and then pull them. If they aren’t getting good grades,...
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Guest — Lee
Thank you so much for sharing! Very valuable insights! Blessings, Lee
Thursday, 03 June 2010 06:58
Guest — Zekesmom10
I want to encourage parents who are considering removing their children from public school to just do it! My son was placed in a ... Read More
Thursday, 03 June 2010 06:51
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Comparing Homeschool Standardized Test Scores

Comparing Homeschool Standardized Test Scores
Here is your homework for today. First, look at your children's standardized test scores and compare them to your local public school. If the public school average scores were the same as yours, how would the newspaper report  that?  Next, read 16 Ways Standardized Testing Can Help Your Homeschool Thrive! Public schools across the country all use different tests, and it really doesn't matter which standardized test you take.  Just look at the overall percentile scores...
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Guest — J W
Put it that way, it comes out that the average student at my school is on grade level ;-) I'm thinking since the ocean isn't much... Read More
Wednesday, 26 May 2010 14:00
Guest — Lee
Joelle, Passing the WASL is supposed to indicate the child is working on grade level. What percent of your students are working o... Read More
Wednesday, 26 May 2010 06:14
Guest — J W
But, but, but - one child is doing the CAT, and the other does non-test assessment. How does that translate to the WASL? By the ... Read More
Tuesday, 25 May 2010 20:17
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