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Putting Public School Classes on Your Homeschool Transcript

Putting Public School Classes on Your Homeschool Transcript
When your child has taken homeschool AND public school classes, it's best to create a homeschool transcript that is a summary of ALL educational experiences. As I explain in my book, Setting the Records Straight you want to be the clearing house, so that the sum of all your child's education is in your single homeschool transcript document. Here are 7 steps for putting public school classes on your homeschool transcript: 1. Choose an acronym Create...
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Recent Comments
Hi, Karen. Yes, if you have transcripts from public schools, you'll need to send those separately (directly from the public schoo... Read More
Tuesday, 09 June 2020 17:52
Karen Hood
In submitting 3 years of public high school transcripts along with the senior year of homeschool would the official transcript fro... Read More
Monday, 08 June 2020 23:08
Hi Michele, There are a few reasons... We include those classes, primarily, because they are on our children's permanent record, ... Read More
Monday, 21 October 2019 21:02
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Washington State Homeschool Graduation Requirements

Washington State Homeschool Graduation Requirements
For many homeschoolers, college follows shortly after graduation. Gaining college admission and scholarships is the concluding act of your homeschooling career. Let me show you how to do it. Click to register for my free class: College Applications Simply ExplainedHomeschool law may not be the same as the law covering public or private schools. In Washington State, for example, public school is covered in one area of the law, and homeschool law is covered in an entirely different...
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Recent Comments
Lisa Lane
I have been seeing that the high schools are changing their graduation requirements for different graduating years. For example, ... Read More
Monday, 24 February 2020 23:38
Lee Binz
Hi Lisa! Robin is absolutely correct - you only need to follow homeschool law graduation requirements, not public school graduatio... Read More
Tuesday, 25 February 2020 18:47
Hi Lisa, Thanks for your comment! You identified a really important point - all homeschool parents must watch homeschool current e... Read More
Tuesday, 25 February 2020 00:25
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11 Rules Your Kids Did Not and Will Not Learn in School

11 Rules Your Kids Did Not and Will Not Learn in School
11 Rules Your Kids Did Not and Will Not Learn in School This post contains affiliate links. If you click and buy I may make a few pennies, but not enough for a latte. I love educator Charles Sykes' "11 Rules" list! It's from the book, Dumbing Down Our Kids: Why American Children Feel Good About Themselves But Can't Read, Write, or Add. Here it is! 11 Rules Your Kids Did Not and Will Not Learn in...
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Guest — Belinda's Notes on Lifestyle Homeschool » Blog Archive » Internet Reading (8/10/10)
[...] to Susan from Kerugma I found this list of 11 rules your kids did not and will not learn in school, the caution though as we... Read More
Saturday, 09 October 2010 01:08
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Finding Freedom in Homeschool Language Arts

Finding Freedom in Homeschool Language Arts
Are you allowing yourself enough flexibility for delight directed learning or are you putting your Enlgish credits in a box? Do you feel insecure because you aren't sure what "Language Arts 10" means? How many books do your children read each year in high school? Finding Freedom in Homeschool Language Arts I was fascinated by an opinion column in the Seattle Times, Seattle Sacrifices Monster Lit, which stated:"We should allow principals and teachers to select the curriculum...
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Recent Comments
Guest — Laine
Actually, I found it at She even has sample lesson plans available on the web site. Hope you enjoy it! Laine... Read More
Wednesday, 25 February 2015 18:19
Guest — Lisa
I was wondering where Laine was able to find Literary Lessons from Lord of the Rings? It sounds like something I would like to try... Read More
Wednesday, 25 February 2015 12:15
Guest — Laine
I used Literary Lessons from The Lord of the Rings for a co-op class, and it was fantastic! The kids loved it, and even enjoyed th... Read More
Monday, 16 February 2015 18:10
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From Homeschool to Public High School

From Homeschool to Public High School
It is very difficult to have homeschool credits accepted by a public high school. From Homeschool to Public High School Don't be surprised if they don't accept any of your high school credits. They may accept them if the public school is not accredited, but usually it is at the discretion of the principal of the school.Here are some ideas for your transcript that might be helpful if you are trying to move from homeschool to public...
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Recent comment in this post
Guest — JW
Community college can be a fantastic option. My child has a year under her belt and hasn't encountered rated R stuff yet. That w... Read More
Saturday, 05 July 2014 11:20
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Freedom From Public School

Freedom From Public School
Are you ready to take the plunge and start homeschooling for the first time?  It's time to enjoy the freedom from public school! Homeschooling high school can seem challenging, but it can feel completely overwhelming if you have made a transition away from public school to homeschooling. When you haven't been homeschooling all along, you haven't been able to ooze into the idea slowly.  Lots of parents ask me how to navigate this road.  Here are...
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Does Homeschooling Make You a Bad Person?

Does Homeschooling Make You a Bad Person?
This article title just SCREAMS for attention! "If You Send Your Kid to Private School, You Are a Bad Person."  I'm sure the author chose the title just so people would get upset enough to share it with friends.  A "bad" person?  Really?Her thesis is simple. "If every parent sent every single child to public school, schools would improve. Not immediately, could take generations, mediocre educations in the meantime, but worth it for the eventual common...
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Recent Comments
Guest — Shannon West
Melanie, I see the point you're trying to make, and I've pondered it before: should I work 'within the system'? There are a few pr... Read More
Friday, 27 September 2013 09:02
Guest — JW
LOL, I would recommend two books for the author of that article, both written by homeschooled young men. The Fallacy Detective and... Read More
Friday, 27 September 2013 07:49
Guest — Judith Martinez
As a citizen I have a moral responsibility to advocate for the public schools in my community to be as good as possible whether my... Read More
Thursday, 26 September 2013 19:53
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Words I Hate

Words I Hate
There are certain words I hate.  They don't seem to be important for homeschooling.  Although I know it can be useful for some people, many of these words have their roots in public schools. rubricliterary analysisumbrella organizationaccountabilitybenchmarkcredentialinclusivenorm or normativesocializationalternative educationaccreditationparent-partnershipcertifiedapprovedIn fact, to me some words just scream "Certified teacher!  Lookout!"  Some things are useful - even important - with public school children or in a brick and mortar school.  That doesn't mean they are words that...
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Recent Comments
Guest — Lee
Here is my previous article about literary analysis and how much it stressed me out: Read More
Friday, 21 September 2012 07:59
Guest — Homeschool Mom
Thanks for this post. I understand why you don't like those words, but would please explain to me why you don't like the words lit... Read More
Friday, 21 September 2012 07:33
Guest — Rebecca
WHITEBOARD (as if they're the end-all, be-all) TECHNOLOGY(see above) emergent literacy (it's called Learning to READ) MULIPLE INTE... Read More
Thursday, 20 September 2012 20:48
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Considering Homeschooling?

Considering Homeschooling?
What advice would you give to a mom who is considering homeschooling?  These are comments from my Facebook friends.  What do YOU tell someone who is thinking about homeschooling for the first time? DianeDon't be too hard on your kids. it's all going to be fine. if you are stressed, they'll be stressed.DianneYou don't have to do it all, you don't have to be perfect, and your kids will learn anyway and be better for it. Be kind...
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Recent Comments
Guest — Sunya
These years go by so fast so my advice would be to enjoy every precious moment with your children. Keep learning fun by doing thi... Read More
Friday, 31 August 2012 10:53
Guest — Deb Roennebeck
God did not give your children to the public school system - He gave them to YOU. If God has called you to Homeschool, He will no... Read More
Friday, 31 August 2012 06:20
Guest — Angela
I agree with all of the above, but I must add advice I was given: laundry will still be there when the kids are out of the house.... Read More
Thursday, 30 August 2012 22:44
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Withdraw from Public School

Withdraw from Public School
This is the time of year when parents may consider homeschooling for the first time.  It can be a scary thought!This first step is to locate your state homeschool law.  Search for the name of your state and the words "homeschool organization" to locate a group that can help you. You can also search for your state here:  Contact your state homeschool organization, and make sure you follow the state law for homeschoolers, which is...
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Can we get real?

Can we get real?
I really appreciate when other real parents allow me to share their stories.  Recently Lois contacted me about this blog post: Our Community College Stories.  Here is the story that Lois has allowed me to share about her daughter. Interesting Lee. One area my daughter did well in was in our local Community College.Our successful method was — talking to students about the professors; getting recommendations about them in conjunction with I found the latter to...
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Recent Comments
Guest — J W
OK - just tried out a French "little kid" book by Edouard Manceau. These are great once you get used to the cursive writing. Tin... Read More
Friday, 14 October 2011 14:12
Guest — J W
Actually four ideas, but two of them we've implemented for quite some time. The first idea is when we learn a rule of grammar, I ... Read More
Friday, 14 October 2011 11:16
Guest — Lee
Joelle! Don't leave us hanging! What are your great ideas for French? I've got to know! Blessings, Lee
Thursday, 13 October 2011 18:47
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Homeschooling High School: Senior Year Public School or Community College Dual Enrollment?

Homeschooling High School: Senior Year Public School or Community College Dual Enrollment?
Hi Lee,I have a question and maybe you can advise me in. I have been homeschooling my 4 children for the last 7 years. My oldest will start her senior year sometime in the next few months. My next one will be starting her junior year. For the last year, they have done nothing but beg me to send them back to public school. Suddenly they want to experience it. My head says it would be...
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Recent comment in this post
Guest — Diana
Wow, Lee and Cyndi, I am going through the exact same thing~same ages and everything! The only thing different is that for the las... Read More
Thursday, 21 July 2011 08:57
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  1 Comment

The Validity of High School Diplomas - Encouragement for Homeschoolers

The Validity of High School Diplomas - Encouragement for Homeschoolers
HSLDA reports that colleges are now required to determine the validity of high school diplomas from public and private schools. How exactly can the college determine validity?  Will they be requiring course descriptions from every applicant?  That would be a lot of reading for the admissions team.  Homeschool parents often think about their own transcripts and validity.  Yes, you are valid!  Isn't it interesting that public and private high schools are now having the same concerns...
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Transition from Public School to Homeschool Takes Time

Transition from Public School to Homeschool Takes Time
The transition from public or private school can take some time.  Even when parents and children are eager to homeschool, the change in attitude may not happen immediately.  In this letter from Kelly, she describes the gradual process in her home.  In a year and a half her son went from "the deadness of school" to sounding independent and happy.  Read what she has to say: Hi, Lee. I am needing to share this with someone,...
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Recent Comments
Guest — melisa
perfect thing to read now...i did the ps thing his whole life (he just graduated from 8th). he only wants to hang with friends, p... Read More
Monday, 29 August 2011 17:26
Guest — Penny
I'll begin homeschooling my son next year (9th grade). I wonder how he will take to it, having been in the public school system si... Read More
Friday, 06 May 2011 06:41
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Public School for Senior Year

Public School for Senior Year
A homeschool transcript is easily accepted by almost all colleges.  It's strange to think that public schools don't value our hard work the way that colleges do.  If you are thinking about sending your child to public school for a year or more, consider how it will look on your transcript. Hi Lee,I come to you biting my nails!! Our oldest daughter asked me about attending the local high school her senior year next year.  I...
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Recent comment in this post
Guest — Karen
Lee, I wish you had told this mom that she could send her child to the public school but still create a home school transcript. S... Read More
Thursday, 31 March 2011 18:23
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  1 Comment

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