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Encouraging Delight Directed Learning

Encouraging Delight Directed Learning
Encouraging Delight Directed Learning How can you encourage a passion in your child without making it into a school subject? Find a mentor Don't work ahead Follow behind Encourage your child in their interests by finding mentors through clubs and colleges. If your child has an interest in birds, you can search for "ornithology clubs" to find a group, but there are many. You can find mentors by contacting small, friendly colleges for a helpful professor. Ask around...
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Passion Directed Learning

Passion Directed Learning
Passion Directed Learning I was amazed how often my son Kevin studied chess when we were homeschooling!  I remember giving him choices about what he could work on, but my GOODNESS he loved chess!  When we were using Power-Glide French, it had the students write some essays during the year; some were about France and some were in French.  One of Kevin's essays was about FIDE - Federation Internationale d’Echecs, or in English, the World Chess Federation. ...
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Homeschool Education without Boundaries

Homeschool Education without Boundaries
I loved reading a news story about a local golfer playing in national tournaments.   It's just always fun to read about homeschoolers! Spencer, who is home schooled, admits he's got plenty of growing up to do. He has to fight the urge to slam a club into the turf when a shot doesn't follow the planned trajectory.  "He's a perfectionist," his father observed. Seattle Times "Local golfer, 10, is hitting it big" But it wasn't the...
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Turn Passion Into Homeschool High School Credit

Turn Passion Into Homeschool High School Credit
Let me demonstrate how to think through the process using the interest of the child and incorporating that into delight-directed learning. A homeschool boy loves the show "Warriors" on The History Channel and just can't get enough.  He read the hosts biography and has a desire to imitate his hero.  His mother wrote to me, looking for ways to translate this interest into "school."  Here are the suggestions I gave her. Dear [Gold Care Club Mom,]...
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Homeschool Recreational Sport - A Low Cost Option

Homeschool Recreational Sport - A Low Cost Option
My children played sports;  soccer, swimming, baseball.  The loved the physical activity!  Although we are proud of their achievements in sports, I can't say that either of my boys is the next Tiger Woods.  They enjoy, even love sports!  Although they have wonderful skills for recreational league soccer, for example, we didn't aspire for greatness in that arena. Recreational league sports are so fun!  They require minimal commitment, and they are less competitive than other teams. ...
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Passion Ebbs and Flows

Passion Ebbs and Flows
Identifying passion in your children is hard – even when they are standing still.  It's even more difficult when you realize that their passionate interests and pursuits will ebb and flow over time.  Like driftwood floating in the tide, sometimes it appears to be coming to shore, and other times it seems to be going out to sea!  Our children don't ever seem to stand still, and even their interests are a moving target. Now that...
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Discovering Passion in Teens

Discovering Passion in Teens
Discovering the passion in your teenagers is like trying to nail jello to a wall!  Kids change their minds like crazy about the things that interest them.  That's one of the reasons why I encourage math for students.  One day they want to be a musician or park ranger - but the next they want to be an engineer!  I think it's a good idea to encourage passion in teens even while recognizing that it might...
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Carpe Campbell's - Seize the Tomato!

Carpe Campbell's -  Seize the Tomato!
My son has a life-threating allergy to peanuts.  He is one of "those" kids.  When he was 18 months old, I had to come to grips with the fact that he might, at random, simply stop breathing for no good reason.  Last Friday night was one of those times.  This photo was taken in the emergency room, with him glowing-tomato red and itching like crazy.  It was very scary, but we were prepared with an epi-pen,...
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Homeschooled Olympians?

Homeschooled Olympians?
I heard the Olympics commentator mention that most of the USA gymnasts are homeschooled, because they practice for so many hours each day.  Wow!  I never thought about that before, but I'll bet it's true.  Imagine, each one of those kids has a gift.  Their parents found the gift, fed the flames, and encouraged specialization.  And they ended up in the Olympics!  How proud they must be! But I'll bet you work JUST as hard as...
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My Kingdom for a Horse!

My Kingdom for a Horse!
Joelle writes >>>" What if your child has a career goal in mind and you have no idea where to begin, or how to find the resources?  Her goal is to be a wrangler at summer camp as soon as she's eligible (around age 17).  The job is an absolute perfect fit for her.  One problem - she needs to keep up her horsemanship and learn stable management skills...  but... the horse?  My kingdom for a horse!  It...
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Sometimes you feel like a nut. Sometimes you don't....

Sometimes you feel like a nut.  Sometimes you don't....
About half of our homeschool classes were traditional, textbookish classes. The rest we were just Wild & Crazy Guys! For fun, my son Kevin studied chess like crazy. One year we called it "Critical Thinking." No kidding - if you have a kid who plays competitive chess, I'm sure you understand! The next year we called it "Public Speaking" because he was going to different classes around our area, teaching to various homeschool groups and public...
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