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Homeschool Curriculum - Too Many Choices!

Homeschool Curriculum - Too Many Choices!
One mom asked me a simple question:  what should she use for writing instruction.  She asked about some specific programs, so I asked her if she had purchased anything.  She owned Sonlight Language Arts, Write Shop, Write at Home, and Institute for Excellence in Writing.  "Which one is the best?" she asked. Here is the problem:  too many great options.  All of these programs are well-reviewed, and I have heard great reports (and some negative reports)...
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Guest — Lisa
We're using Jump In this year with both our boys, and so far it's going well.
Monday, 21 September 2009 19:45
Guest — Kerry
We LOVE Time4Writing online writing courses. My son adores getting feedback on his writing from someone else other than just "mom... Read More
Monday, 21 September 2009 06:09
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Should I Pull My Student Out of Private School?

Should I Pull My Student Out of Private School?
A mom poured out her heart to me about pulling her child out of private school.  She homeschooled her son until high school, but then put him into private school.  There were some issues, and a change was needed, so her son wanted to attend public school. She was considering homeschooling again, but was very concerned.  Even though her son wasn't rebellious, he had no desire to homeschool.   She wanted solutions.   Here is my reply to...
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The 5-Corners of Homeschooling

The 5-Corners of Homeschooling
My husband wrote an article in our September newsletter that talked about all of the options parents face when their kids reach high school.  He discussed homeschooling, alt-ed, accreditation agencies, certified teachers, co-ops, and public schools.  This is a very timely subject and I thought you might enjoy it.  Read all about your options here and then let us know what you think!Are you a subscriber to my free monthly e-newsletter yet?  If not, you can...
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Guest — J W
I really liked this article. So far, my reasons for rejecting all the options but "straight ahead" have had more to do with my pe... Read More
Friday, 12 September 2008 16:27
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