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Internet Addiction and how it Relates to Homeschooling

Internet Addiction and how it Relates to Homeschooling
It used to be that parents were concerned about our children receiving  accidental exposure to pornography, or wasting time with video games. As Internet Addiction becomes a popular topic on the news, I keep thinking about how it relates to homeschoolers. Read these recent articles warning against internet addiction:Technology Companies Want Your Kids Addicted    Internet companies are learning what the tobacco industry has long known -- addiction is good for business. Much of what we do online releases...
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Guest — Digital Dementia and you | Dr S P Mathew's life- Blog
I really loved this post: Read More
Tuesday, 10 June 2014 01:05
Guest — J W
I would highly recommend face-to-face time with real friends in real life. Long-distance friendships are very difficult on a numb... Read More
Saturday, 01 September 2012 07:23
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Online Homeschool Taskmaster

Online Homeschool Taskmaster
Online classes are a TOOL you can use.  Don't allow them to become your taskmaster. If you are using an accredited program for an online class, then you are not the teacher in charge.  The accredited teacher will provide a grade you can't alter, and your child will receive an accredited transcript that must be submitted to colleges when you apply.  However, if you are using a non-accredited program, YOU are the teacher.  Whether it's a...
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Homeschool Convention Envy Solution

Homeschool Convention Envy Solution
Why can't there be any good conferences near ME? There are!  No matter WHERE you live!   If you are longing for a good conference about junior high and high school issues, I have great news!  Did you know that is what my Gold Care Club is all about?  When I go to conventions and support groups, my husband films me speaking.  He puts all of those speeches on the Gold Care Club website.   There are...
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Blogging for Homeschool High School Credit

Blogging for Homeschool High School Credit
Blogging is a great way to encourage writing skills, turn social skills into academic courses, and guide techie kids into using their computer skills while doing some writing.  Any skills kids use while blogging can be used for academics.Blogging can be an English course, or you can have them blog about something they love, to provide written material based on delight-directed learning.  That may help you document the love of science or history with some writings. ...
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Guest — Lips that Speak Knowledge » Some Notable Homeschooling Posts
[...] Blogging for Homeschool High School Credit from The Home Scholar: Another creative idea for making school relevant for your ... Read More
Tuesday, 27 April 2010 12:31
Guest — Susan
My daughter who is 12 has a blog that she puts her poetry on. I've been blogging for about 5 years now. I recommend Blogger becau... Read More
Thursday, 22 April 2010 08:34
Guest — Jamie
My daughters both have blogs, even the 9yr old. I'm trying to get into having them do a blog post each week; sometimes I give them... Read More
Thursday, 22 April 2010 06:18
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Can I Homeschool High School Using Online College Courses?

Can I Homeschool High School Using Online College Courses?
Is it reasonable to think I can completely school my high schooler doing online college courses for dual credit?  I figure that way all his work is documented.  We have always used Abeka, he will be a freshman in the fall and he tests very well each year on the CAT despite the fact that he spends half of the school year traveling and working with his truck driver dad. (I need to find the most...
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Guest — homeschool online « Online Homeschooling
[...] Can I homeschool High School Using online College Courses? Is it reasonable to think I can completely school my high schoo... Read More
Tuesday, 21 July 2009 14:27
Guest — Lee
Dear Teresa, Thanks, that's a great resource! I'm a big fan of Tricia at I mention that website in my "home... Read More
Tuesday, 21 July 2009 07:49
Guest — Teresa
Lee, I thought you might be interested in this yahoogroup, which is dedicated to helping homeschoolers CLEP (and other tests)colle... Read More
Tuesday, 21 July 2009 07:45
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Is Distance Learning Leading you Astray?

Is Distance Learning Leading you Astray?
Distance learning means time on the computer - and kids LOVE computers!  But what do you do when they love being online too much?My daughter is taking distance learning this year so she is online a lot.  I am homeschooling my 16 year old daughter with an online Gifted and Talented organization. We have a net nanny programmed but there are still plenty of sites to keep her busy doing anything but school work. Have you...
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Guest — J W
We also have two Windows accounts per child. Each child has one account for school and whatever creative art and/or writing they ... Read More
Tuesday, 17 March 2009 11:49
Guest — J W
If you want to get *really* radical, here's what we do. We have an ethershield and are running Safe Eyes. Both are available fro... Read More
Tuesday, 17 March 2009 07:08
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College at Home Options

College at Home Options
View this quick video on the process.Here are the books I recommend on the subject:* "Accelerated Distance Learning" by Homeschool Graduate Brad Voeller.* or Bears Guide To Earning College Degrees Nontraditionally by BearHere's how it works: You pick and choose from online classes across the nation. All the work is done at home.  All the results from those different online experiences are all sent to one distant location, to a real university.  If you choose to...
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