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How to Successfully Move to a New State While Homeschooling

How to Successfully Move to a New State While Homeschooling
Moving can mean a lot of change, but it can be good change! There are some things you can do to help your child make a smooth transition to a new location. Moving to a New State For homeschoolers, finding friends can be a priority. A homeschool co-op might be the best way to find homeschool friends. You can also look for homeschool support groups that have teen activities. Search local activities to see if they...
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Homeschool Records: How Much to Keep?

Homeschool Records: How Much to Keep?
What do you really need to keep? A military mom shares her frustrations with homeschool record keeping. How much of my kids' elementary or middle school paper work do I need to keep? I have every notebook, every workbook they have done. We just moved for the third summer in a row and as I moved that stuff, one more time, it got me thinking do I really need to keep all of it? I have tests and grades in a separate binder, but do I need to keep all...
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Guest — Diana
Take photos of large projects (you don't want to move a salt map around!) especially if you might later put together a portfolio (... Read More
Saturday, 16 November 2013 21:06
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