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Have a Morning Meeting

Have a Morning Meeting

Oops. They were supposed to be independent and work on their homework. Instead they goofed off.  Tell me the truth, am I the only one this has happened to?

Never underestimate a teenager’s ability to avoid work. Although sometimes these are intentional lapses, many times teens are simply focused on other things (like their hair, or their new shoes), and they forget trivial things like math assignments or research reports.

Of course, it would be nice to have teenagers suddenly just BE responsible one day. Nice, but unlikely. It is much more common for teenagers to slowly BECOME responsible. It takes a lot of time, and a lot of practice, often with constant shaping and molding from their parents. Kids do not start the first day of 9th grade as responsible adults. They BEGIN the process of becoming responsible adults.

I raised two boys, and I have heard unconfirmed reports that this process can take longer for boys than for girls...often into a young man’s 20’s. Naturally, this doesn’t apply to all boys, but don’t be shocked if your teens don’t magically become mature at age 18. It usually doesn’t work out as neat and tidy as all that.

What is the solution?  Have a morning meeting!

Having a morning meeting can help. If you check in with your child each day, you can shape and mold their ‘responsibility index.’ A quick 15 or 30 minute check-in each day can give you the time you need to assess the situation and correct the behavior, shaping and molding your child’s responsibility as you go.  It's all about shaping and molding...

See what Susan had to say about morning meetings that she put in place in her house.See what Susan had to say about morning meetings that she put in place in her house.

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How to Have a Morning Meeting

How to Have a Morning Meeting
How to Have a Morning Meeting Your role as the parent changes over time. With young children you are a primarily a caretaker. As they enter elementary school, you become the teacher. In high school, you transition to mentor. Later, when they are adul...
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Coffee is the key to homeschool happiness

Coffee is the key to homeschool happiness
Coffee is the key to homeschool happiness, and I can prove it. It doesn't have to be coffee, of course, any refreshment will do. But I do LOVE a nice cup of coffee!

1. Coffee can help you have your morning meeting with your kids
When you meet with your children each day and go over your expectations for them, the whole day will go more smoothly. A quick daily check-in is often all it takes. It reminds me a lot of having a quiet time, actually. In fact...

2. Coffee can help you have your morning meeting with God
When you meet with the Lord each day and He goes over His expectations for you, then your hold day will go more smoothly. A quick daily check-in with the Bible can be just the encouragement you need to stay on course.

3. Coffee can encourage you to take care of yourself
If you engage in some self-care, you'll be much more capable of other-care. We do so much for others all day long; a little bit of "me time" can start the day off right. It doesn't have to be coffee, it can be tea or a warm meal, but taking care of yourself is the first step toward taking care of others. Remember what the airlines say, "first put on your own oxygen mask."

4. Coffee can encourage budding friendships
Having coffee with another homeschool mom while the kids play can increase the chances of adult friendship, too. Instead of dropping them off, stay and enjoy fellowship with others. We crave the company of someone other than our children and sharing a coffee can encourage sharing our feelings.

5. Coffee can encourage understanding of others
The best support system I had was my weekly cup of coffee with my best friend. She shared her struggles with learning disabilities and I shared my woes about my own children. We both ended up with a better appreciation for the struggles others face.

6. Coffee can ensure you have margin
Everyone needs time in their day when nothing is planned. The margin of your day is like the margin in a book. Book margins make a book readable, and life margins make life liveable. If you don't have time to sit down and have a cup of coffee, that means you don't have enough margin in your life. Take a moment. Sip. Breathe. It's therapy.

7. Coffee makes wonderful memories
Coffee can make a lasting, warm memory of friendship. I remember going to Starbucks once a week, while my son Kevin taught chess. It was just me and Alex in the coffee shop; he was studying and I was sipping my peppermint mocha learning about homeschooling high school. Good memories; memories to last a lifetime.

Is coffee part of your morning routine? Please share in the comments!

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