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Herding Men to Help Around the House

Herding Men to Help Around the House
It is sometimes difficult to encourage men to help with household chores.  As the only woman in my home, I knew we needed to work together.  Of course they would need cleaning skills for adulthood.  More importantly, though, they were the ones making the mess! It was simply a matter of Justice. That's me herding my three men! Sidetracked Home Executives: From Pigpen to Paradise by Pam Young and Peggy Jones has some great ideas.  For...
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Recent Comments
Guest — Lisa
I'm the only female in my house too! Tonight my son and I cleaned the bathroom together. I'm not looking forward to doing all the ... Read More
Thursday, 21 January 2010 19:40
Guest — Carletta
I wonder if a list would help my son. He is always asking me if this is all he has left to do for school. He's also pretty disor... Read More
Wednesday, 20 January 2010 20:09
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Homeschool Teachers Who Know Too Much

Homeschool Teachers Who Know Too Much
 I'm a nurse, and I know too much about the human body.  My husband teases me about it all the time.  When a family member is sick, and I get worried, my husband will laugh and say, "What is it this time?  Spinal menningitis?  Homonymous hemianopsia?"  There have been times when I've had my child in the hospital, and I knew WAY too much!  When Alex had his ER visit for peanut anaphylaxis, I knew just...
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Give Yourself Away!

Give Yourself Away!
Toward the end of homeschooling, you start to wonder about the next stage of life.  What will you do when you aren't homeschooling?I can suggest what NOT to do.  I saw a woman at the store who was talking about how bored she was with her life.  She had attended FOUR weight watchers meetings during the week, not because she was overweight, but because she was BORED!  Although I'm a big fan of weight watchers, I...
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Recent Comments
Guest — Christy
I am in a support group with about 40 families. One of the things that we are trying to develop is mentorship. And one of the mama... Read More
Thursday, 13 November 2008 05:00
Guest — Stephanie
Fabulous post, Lee! I remember my grandmother cutting out magazine and newspaper articles that she didn't want to forget in the fu... Read More
Thursday, 13 November 2008 04:40
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Guilty as Charged!

Guilty as Charged!
Fact: All moms deal with feelings of guilt. Fact: At some point you will feel guilty too.Look beyond the feeling of guilt to see if it's TRUE guilt. Because it's a well known principle that mothers have the ability to feel guilty about anything - whether they have something to feel guilty about or not! Mothers who don't homeschool feel guilty too. Mothers who have grown children feel guilty, just like mothers with babies feel guilty....
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Pilgrim Moms and Pioneer Moms

Pilgrim Moms and Pioneer Moms
I always enjoyed the stories we read to the kids about the Pilgrim's journey into the New World. They had the courage to face the unknown, armed only with a belief that life could be better outside the oppression in the Old World. I view the earliest homeschooling moms in the same way. There were no promises made to them. They faced hardships daily. They had few, if any, external resources to draw upon. They set...
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