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Why Do Colleges Need a Reading List Anyway?

Why Do Colleges Need a Reading List Anyway?
Record keeping is for important so that you keep things that are needed by your state law.  It's also important to keep records that you will need to make course descriptions AND keep records that colleges may ask you for (writing samples, etc.)One of the things colleges seem most interested in is a high school reading list.  But why should they care?  The reading list gives a snapshot of the student, so colleges will know more...
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Find Your Preferred Method of Learning

Find Your Preferred Method of Learning
Books rule!  We love books.  We absorb books.  Anything that we need to know can be learned in a book.  Sometimes people ask me why our reading lists were so incredibly long.  It wasn't because I assigned all those books, I can tell you that much!  For both of my boys, reading is their "love language."  Give them a book, and they will love you forever.  Every Christmas, their wish list includes specific books.  Our reading...
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Guest — Stephanie
Great reminder! This is something that I routinely struggle with even though our dd isn't high school age yet (though she is doing... Read More
Friday, 23 January 2009 21:02
Guest — J W
This can really transform relationships! My husband and I have had our own tranformations once we realized that we were wired for... Read More
Friday, 23 January 2009 17:32
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