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Teaching Latin: The Not-Quite-So-Dead Language

Teaching Latin: The Not-Quite-So-Dead Language
Teaching Latin. It is a language that is intimidating to some, but can be helpful in helping to learn other languages. Before you blow it off as ...
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Tuesday, 04 June 2019 20:59
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Why Foreign Language? 3 Important Purposes

Why Foreign Language? 3 Important Purposes
How important is a foreign language? I don’t know about you, but I’m not one of those people who naturally picks up foreign languages. I did learn some Latin along with my kids, but I had to study hard to stay ahead of them, and eventually I realized that they were passing me up no matter how hard I tried! I don’t feel too bad, though, because there are many adults who don’t know a foreign language. ...
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Is Foreign Language Really Required by College?

Is Foreign Language Really Required by College?
Although better than most places, the homeschool world is not completely free from the rumor mills—or if you’re a Veggie Tales fan, the rumor ‘weeds.’  Here are a few homeschool ‘rumor weeds’ I’ve heard recently from concerned parents: "Colleges won’t accept foreign language credit if you used Rosetta Stone." "Colleges don’t accept Latin as a foreign language, since it’s not spoken anymore." "You have to take an SAT subject test for foreign language to get into a...
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Trying Latin Again

Trying Latin Again
To increase your success in teaching ANY subject, using a curriculum intended for homeschoolers can help.  Curriculum written for a school situation will assume that the teacher knows the subject already.  But when you use a curriculum meant for homeschoolers, it usually assumes that both student and teacher don't know the subject when they start.   In this letter a mother was asking me about Latin, but the concept holds true for other subjects as well; use...
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Latin Blog?

Latin Blog?
OK, for all you Latin nerds and nerdettes out there.... Here is my son's Latin professor's blog: SputaTilica , aka Blogula mea ("my blog").  My son thinks this is extremely cool.  It's all Greek to me (so to speak.) Bonus points for the first person who can give me a translation of SputaTilica (I think it has something to do with spit....)
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Latin Road to English Grammar

Latin Road to English Grammar
We started foreign language study with Latin, because I didn't want to speak anything with a funny accent.  We used "Latin Road to English Grammar." Alex was in 5th grade when we started, and Kevin was in 7th.  I didn't know Latin, but the kids did VERY well with the program.  It's definitely high school level.  The first year it took us 30 minutes per day, with me spending an additional 1-2 hours on the weekend,...
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Homeschool Foreign Language Program

Homeschool Foreign Language Program
Cindy asked, "Is there a particular Latin American Spanish curriculum that you recommend above others?  My children are 16,14,13 and 8.  We've been homeschooling for 10 years and I used to have a hard time learning a foreign language in school myself." Dear Cindy, Thank you for your question about Foreign Languages and Latin American Spanish!  The most common homeschool curriculum choices are Rosetta Stone, Power-Glide, and Aurolog.  You have a great opportunity with 4 students...
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Homeschooling Curriculum - Let's Talk Latin!

Homeschooling Curriculum - Let's Talk Latin!
How is Latin even possible? I printed samples from Latina Christiana, and I'm feeling overwhelmed. Declensions? Conjugations? Possum? Sum? Help! Be brave, little Piglet! (Quote from Winnie the Pooh, from all who are wondering - my brain also stuffed with fluff!) I remember having those EXACT same fears when we started Latin! I would look at the book and, well, it was all Greek to me! As you take it one step at a time, it...
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