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How to Gear Up for Junior Year

How to Gear Up for Junior Year
Junior year is the time that can have the most impact on getting into college and getting scholarships. You can be prepared by doing some research ahe...
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Make a Plan for Junior Year

Make a Plan for Junior Year
Make a Plan for Junior Year What is your plan for Junior year? It's one of the most important years of high school. It's the year that can make all the difference in college admission and scholarship success. Your Goal Your goal is to choose colleges to apply to. By the end of junior year, decide on 4-8 colleges where you will apply for admission. They should be acceptable to both you and your child, with...
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Take the SAT Right On Time

Take the SAT Right On Time
Taking the SAT Right on Time Junior year is a VERY busy year, with lots of moving parts.  Taking the PSAT, SAT and ACT, studying for the tests, visiting colleges ...  it can all be overwhelming!  Elise asked me a question about taking tests in junior year, and exactly when it's "too late" for the SAT.I so appreciate all your books, classes, etc and just wanted to ask if there's any disadvantage to taking the SAT in June...
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Testing Tips for Highly Gifted Juniors

Testing Tips for Highly Gifted Juniors
I have an article that spells out the nine keys to a successful junior year.  If you have a junior, you might enjoy it! But if your highly gifted student is facing junior year, advanced in math, and you're almost certain they might qualify for the  National Merit Scholarship, then I think my advice on testing would be a little more specific.Please ONLY read this advice if you already feel like your child is a strong...
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When Do You Need a Transcript?

When Do You Need a Transcript?
When will you need your homeschool transcript?  It's hard to say exactly. The first time you need it may be sophomore year, when your child starts driving.  Many insurance companies provide a good student discount for teenage drivers, and your homeschool transcript is required.  It may be during junior year, when you need to review grades and credits with your child, so they report their grades correctly when they take the PSAT for the first time. ...
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Do You Really NEED to Take College Admissions Tests?

Do You Really NEED to Take College Admissions Tests?
Do you really NEED to take college admission tests?  Even when you have dual enrollment in a community college?Quick question. If my daughter is in the Running Start program,  doing dual enrollment, and will enter college as a transfer student, does she need to take the SAT? Thank you in advance,LeslieDear Leslie,Quick answer:  yes!Long answer:  She doesn't rally "have to" take the SAT in that position, but it will help.  If she is doing dual enrollment...
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Guest — Michael Hickey
Leslie, Lee is absolutely correct. College admissions is more competitive than ever before. Hence, college admissions counselor... Read More
Saturday, 11 July 2009 08:32
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Planning Thanksgiving Dinner and High School Graduation

Planning Thanksgiving Dinner and High School Graduation
I've got big plans for Thanksgiving Dinner.  The boys are coming home from college (with at least one girlfriend!) I'm so excited to see my cousin and her family!  My husband's parents are coming, and bringing their dog, too!  It's going to be a great time, relaxing with family.  I'm the cook, so I've started the meal today!Thanksgiving MenuAppetizersChips and dipsVeggies and dipsSatsuma oranges and datesDinnerTurkey with gravySausage stuffing (no nuts)Mashed potatoes in the crock potWhipped...
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Recent Comments
Guest — J W
Congratulations on winning the Best Business Blog award! I like the puppy, too, LOL!
Wednesday, 26 November 2008 16:30
Guest — Lee
Thank you, Stephanie! That's so sweet! Know what? Not one single person called me during my free office hours today! Not one! I... Read More
Wednesday, 26 November 2008 14:33
Guest — Stephanie
Yum! I want to eat at your house! Especially the satsumas... I'm so glad that you are here as a resource. You're a blessing to al... Read More
Wednesday, 26 November 2008 10:48
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When should kids practice for the PSAT?

When should kids practice for the PSAT?
The PSAT is great practice for the SAT!  Don't  study before taking it in 10th grade, so that you have a good idea of where you are starting from.  The PSAT does NOT have a hand written essay, it's just a "fill in the bubble" test.  Taking it without practicing can tell you what your "worst possible" score would be  the following year.  It may be helpful to practice for the PSAT after taking it in...
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Recent Comments
Guest — Lee
Hi Michelle, I have answered your question in a blog post for today. Here is the link to that answer: http://www.thehomescholar... Read More
Monday, 09 February 2009 19:37
Guest — Michelle
I was wondering if there is a minimum age requirement for the PSAT. I have students who are interested in taking it earlier than ... Read More
Monday, 09 February 2009 18:29
Guest — Lee Binz
Becky, My advice is to wait.... wait until you feel like you know when "junior" year will be. You will know, because you'll be t... Read More
Monday, 08 September 2008 13:40
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