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What Grade is My High School Child?

What Grade is My High School Child?
There you are, homeschooling the normal and natural way, not worrying about grade levels. After all, when your child is younger, how can you really tell what grade they are in? Because they could be in 5th grade math, 8th grade spelling, and using a 7th grade history curriculum. But when you have a high school student, suddenly everyone wants to know. What Grade is My High School Child? The easiest way to determine grade level...
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What does the PSAT score really mean?

What does the PSAT score really mean?
What does the PSAT score really mean? For many children, it's just a way to see how they compare academically to other children.  But since sophomores and juniors take the test, your score may mean something different depending on your child's level.  A sophomore taking the SAT is being compared to college bound juniors a year older, with a year more of math and a year more of every other subject.The College Board® provides a chart...
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Help for the High School Junior

Help for the High School Junior
Where to begin with a Junior in high school?   Probably the best place to start is this article.  You can ignore the parts if you've missed them already.  Better yet, make a plan to catch up.  Even if you are behind on your planning for college, don't lose hope!  You can recover with a well thought out senior year plan!I can help you brainstorm ideas - just call or email me.
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Can My Homeschooler Take the SAT as a Senior?

Can My Homeschooler Take the SAT as a Senior?
How important is preparing for the SAT?  Important enough to delay taking the test until Senior year?  Susan asked me for some guidance to help her decide about when to take the SAT college admission test.I wanted to let you know that your mini course on the 5 Biggest Mistakes Parents Make on Homeschooling High School was very informative. I like your thorough content and the fact that they are not too long each time. Each...
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I'm Here When You Need Me!

I'm Here When You Need Me!
Feeling panicked?  Don't know where to start?  Not even sure what the questions are?  I can help!If you have a junior or senior, I suggest a telephone consultation so we can talk about your homeschool a bit.  Usually in 1-2 hours I can help you figure out exactly what to put on a transcript, including course titles, grades, and credit values.  You'll get information what to do next and how to plan your year.If you have...
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To ACT or SAT, That is the Question!

To ACT or SAT, That is the Question!
Dear Lee,I was at your talk at the HOME meeting this year and really appreciated your help.  I especially appreciated the grid you gave us to use for high school requirements.  It was the most complete and easy to use that I have seen yet. Do you have a recommendation as to whether a child should take the SAT or ACT for college entrance? Is the ACT as universally accepted by colleges as the SAT is?ThanksLianneDear...
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Recent Comments
Guest — Lee
There are some SAT ACT score Comparison charts online. I wasn't able to quickly find one, and the chart I have is password protec... Read More
Tuesday, 07 June 2011 05:47
Guest — Lois
Lee, how do you compare the scores of one with the scores of the other? My daughter took practice tests of both. On the ACT her co... Read More
Tuesday, 07 June 2011 05:35
Guest — Nathania
I took both when I was in high school! If you have both scores, then you're set!
Thursday, 25 September 2008 06:16
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Last Call for College Visits!!

Last Call for College Visits!!
If you have a high school junior, it's VERY important to visit some colleges now. It's virtually impossible to know "the real college" unless you visit it. By next fall, your child will need to start college applications. If at all possible, visit colleges while classes are in session, so you can get to know students, professors, and see the campus "in action." That means that you need to hurry, though. Colleges are finishing up their...
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