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What's Up with Reading Lists?

What's Up with Reading Lists?
What's up with Reading Lists? Every student should have a high school reading list as part of their college admission package. Each will be a unique reading list that reflects the child's unique abilities and interests. Online you can find many sites with  reading lists for the college bound .  They should not be used as to do lists, though. Personal reading lists vary widely - depending on the child and how much the child loves to read. ...
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Beyond Academics

Beyond Academics
Beyond Academics Homeschooling is not merely about academics. Preparing your child for adulthood goes way beyond learning English, math, and science! There are three overlapping areas that are important for success in both college and life: college prep activities to include on a transcript, skills for independent learning that all adults require, and health and safety issues that will prepare kids for a happy and healthy adulthood. Colleges are interested in students who are well-rounded, students...
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The Teen with Multiple Interests

The Teen with Multiple Interests
The Teen with Multiple Interests Let's suppose your child is the teen with multiple interests - FILLED with activities they just LOVE doing. Suppose your teen seems interested in EVERYTHING and engaged in learning a wide variety of subjects. Sounds like a dream, doesn't it? I know that some of you are thinking, "I WISH!" (if this is you, check out my How to Create an Extraordinary Activity List for Perfectly Ordinary Teens article). But the...
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Encouraging Delight Directed Learning

Encouraging Delight Directed Learning
Encouraging Delight Directed Learning How can you encourage a passion in your child without making it into a school subject? Find a mentor Don't work ahead Follow behind Encourage your child in their interests by finding mentors through clubs and colleges. If your child has an interest in birds, you can search for "ornithology clubs" to find a group, but there are many. You can find mentors by contacting small, friendly colleges for a helpful professor. Ask around...
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Passion Ebbs and Flows

Passion Ebbs and Flows
Identifying passion in your children is hard – even when they are standing still.  It's even more difficult when you realize that their passionate interests and pursuits will ebb and flow over time.  Like driftwood floating in the tide, sometimes it appears to be coming to shore, and other times it seems to be going out to sea!  Our children don't ever seem to stand still, and even their interests are a moving target. Now that...
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Discovering Passion in Teens

Discovering Passion in Teens
Discovering the passion in your teenagers is like trying to nail jello to a wall!  Kids change their minds like crazy about the things that interest them.  That's one of the reasons why I encourage math for students.  One day they want to be a musician or park ranger - but the next they want to be an engineer!  I think it's a good idea to encourage passion in teens even while recognizing that it might...
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