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Colleges Love Homeschoolers!

Colleges Love Homeschoolers!
Colleges Love Homeschoolers! For example, read how UC Riverside actively recruits homeschool students: "Among the homeschool community, we find large numbers of students who are smart, mature, creative, independent and well-socialized people," said Frank Vahid, a professor of computer science who has three children who are homeschooled. "We want such excellent students in our classes. They have a lot to offer the university community." "Smart, mature, creative, independent and well-socialized people." Sounds good to me! Read...
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How To Maintain Your Homeschooler's High School Records

How To Maintain Your Homeschooler's High School Records
Homeschoolers should keep high school records.  We know that.  Still, for parents who have never kept records before, change is hard.  How do you change your own behavior, and begin keeping good records?  The secret is the same for ALL kinds of change. Do one simple thing differently. Take just one thing and make a change, and slowly change behavior one task at a time. They say it takes 6 weeks to make a habit.  Take...
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You Are Your Child's Best High School Advisor

You Are Your Child's Best High School Advisor
Sitting there getting my hair cut, I overheard a conversation between two mothers of high school teens.  They were talking about how they had moved their children from public schools and private schools, searching for a quality education and yet unable to find it.  "They just don't teach the basics of reading, writing and math anymore!" one mother moaned.  The other mom said, "And my child is getting completely lost in the system!" She went on...
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What does the PSAT score really mean?

What does the PSAT score really mean?
What does the PSAT score really mean? For many children, it's just a way to see how they compare academically to other children.  But since sophomores and juniors take the test, your score may mean something different depending on your child's level.  A sophomore taking the SAT is being compared to college bound juniors a year older, with a year more of math and a year more of every other subject. The College Board® provides a...
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Rescue Us!

Rescue Us!
What happened to the "Good Old Days"?  I have been bombarded by the media recently with horrible images, terrible news stories, and corrupt undercurrents on TV.  Feeling frustrated with "media today" I stumble on this verse in my Bible. Galatians 1:3-4 Grace and peace to you from God our Father and the Lord Jesus Christ, who gave himself for our sins to rescue us from the present evil age, according to the will of our God...
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Should I List Colleges on the SAT/ACT?

Should I List Colleges on the SAT/ACT?
  Do you have to list colleges on the SAT/ACT test forms, or can you submit the test scores later?  If you submit them later, does it hurt the chances of scholarships? ~Lisa Hi Lisa! Thanks for coming to my seminar in Vancouver!  To answer your question, you are not required to list colleges on the SAT or ACT, or PSAT for that matter,  although you do have the option. Nothing bad will happen if you...
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Never Compare, or Compare?

Never Compare, or Compare?
  In our home we have a family motto:  "Never compare, someone always gets hurt."  I think we got that from James Dobson at one point, encouraging us not to compare one child to another - especially in areas that are hard wired and the child can't change.   I think that's a wonderful reminder for homeschoolers, because sometimes we compare one child to another, when in fact they are both a unique individual with unique...
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Hang On! Hope is on the Way!

Hang On!  Hope is on the Way!
A righteous man may have many troubles, but the LORD delivers him from them all; Psalm 34:19 Darn.  Shouldn't it say something like "A homeschool parent will not have any troubles"?  Or perhaps, "Everyone else will have troubles, but not homeschoolers?" Unfortunately, it doesn't work that way.  But we are given help and a promise.  We will have problems, but we will be delivered from THEM ALL.  How good is that?  If we have to have...
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The "At-Your-Pace" Diploma

The "At-Your-Pace" Diploma
Isn't it wonderful to discover that public schools struggle with finding an appropriate grading scale, just like homeschoolers? Check out one proposed solution to the problem coming from the Seattle School District : (Former Chief Academic Officer) Rimmer's decision was a part of a larger effort to focus more on what students learn, and less on how long it takes them. She once proposed what she called an "at-your-pace" diploma, which students would earn in three...
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Colleges That Throw Money at You!

Colleges That Throw Money at You!
In my "Big Scholarships" video, I discuss aiming towards a college that will pay you money to go there. Find a college where your child is the best applicant they see all year, and they will throw money at you :-) Of course, it's always difficult to balance the academic needs against the financial needs, and that's why applying to LOTS of colleges can help. How do you find a college that will be the "love...
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