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Winter Fun for the Little Ones

Winter Fun for the Little Ones
It looks like it's going to be a LONG winter. Do you feel like you've already had your fill of snow? Maybe these ideas will help you maintain your sanity!  There are lots of fun things to do in the winter with little ones. Try to keep them busy and life will be easier!  Check out these fun ideas to try with your family. Make Snowflakes 12 Gorgeous Paper Snowflake Designs for all ages!Decor4all.comSnowflake Ballerinas for...
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Homeschoolers in the News

Homeschoolers in the News
In the News Miss America was homeschooled! Read "5 Things to Know About the 17-Year-Old Miss America" and read that Teresa Scanlan was homeschooled.  People Magazine Jets' Jason Taylor was homeschooled "More years ago than he'd care to admit, Jason Taylor was just a home-schooled kid doing some outdoor chores when he met the man who would change the course of his life." Read moreSMARTwheel Homeschool Invention"Tackling distracted driving is a matter of national debate, but...
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The World’s 15 Most Extraordinary Homeschoolers

The World’s 15 Most Extraordinary Homeschoolers
Recently a website posted an article on "The  World’s 15 Most Extraordinary Homeschoolers."  The people mentioned certainly aren't ordinary.  Nor are they ordinary homeschoolers.Each of the homeschoolers on this list is highly gifted, and many are described as prodigies.  Not ALL homeschoolers are highly gifted.  However, homeschooling allows children of all abilities to learn at their level. Whether advanced or behind the bell curve, children who learn at their own level will learn more and learn...
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    "Double dipping" in homeschooling high school is a common problem. It is an offense that you shouldn't commit, but do you know how to avoid it when making your child's homeschool transcript? I can help with my tips below!

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    How do homeschooler's graduate? At home! There are a few things you need to know, to make sure your student is officially a high school graduate with a meaningful diploma. Read on and find out what those things are! 

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