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Comprehensive Record Solution vs. Total Transcript Solution

Comprehensive Record Solution vs. Total Transcript Solution
How do you compare the Comprehensive Record Solution and the Total Transcript Solution? The key is in the name!  Do you need Comprehensive Records?  Or do you need help with a Transcript?

Most parents appreciate a little help and encouragement on their homeschooling journey. My free newsletter delivers this fresh each month. Click to get some yourself: The HomeScholar Record Newsletter
The Total Transcript Solution is geared for parents who need to make a transcript. It is intended to break the process down into small, easy to manage elements.

The Comprehensive Record Solution is geared for parents who know they need to do more than “just a transcript.” It will enable you to create the transcript, but also the course descriptions, reading list, activities and award list and work samples that go into a “comprehensive” record.

The Comprehensive Record Solution includes just a brief overview of making a transcript, and provides a simple transcript template.  It's possible to get your transcript done if all you order is the Comprehensive Record Solution. If you need more help with your transcripts, or want more templates, more training, and personalized help, then you will want to get the Total Transcript Solution as well.

If you haven’t purchased anything yet,  I recommend you get the Comprehensive Record Solution first.  The two packages don't really overlap much at all. The Total Transcript Solution is ALL about transcripts, The Comprehensive Record Solution is ALL about course descriptions with some basic training on transcripts. Read what happy customers say about the Comprehensive Record Solution and how it helped their family.

If you have already purchased the Total Transcript Solution, then I know you will REALLY benefit from the content of the Comprehensive Record Solution. You area already familiar with me, you know my position on many high school topics, and you must already like my writing style.   Since there isn't much overlap between the Total Transcript Solution and the Comprehensive Record Solution, if you have enjoyed the fist one, this will also be a GREAT fit for you.

The Comprehensive Record Solution provides the training and templates and real life examples of successful high school records.

This blog post originally ran in December 2010. We've revamped it with new and current information for you!
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Never Too Early to Learn About High School

Never Too Early to Learn About High School
I received such a sweet note from a member last week! Sweet feedback certainly keeps me motivated!

Kadonna and her husband purchased the Total Transcript Solution, so they could wrap their brain around the whole concept of homeschool transcripts.

"It has been such a pleasure to work with your team. We're only in the elementary stage of our homeschool journey, but Lee has inspired me to continue through the High School years. She has so many wonderful resources available so I'm trying to get a head start!"

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"I love your transcript! Well done!"

"I love your transcript! Well done!"

"I love your transcript!  Well done!"  How nice would that be to hear?

I spoke to Maryjane as a Gold Care Club member last fall.  We were discussing strategies for her senior in high school.  When we ended our conversation, I suggest that she read a few articles, and take some specific steps with her senior.  Here is what I suggested for her, the last time we spoke.

Read Acronym for Outside Classes
Read Two for the Price of One
Read 15 Point Senior Year Inspection Checklist
Read Senior Year Hail Mary Play 
Repeat the SAT or ACT if possible - study first by taking a sample test
Apply for at least 3 or 4 colleges as soon as possible.

A few months later, the results were in! Success!! The colleges reported they LOVED her homeschool transcript, and he was accepted into his first choice college!  She had originally purchased the Total Transcript Solution, and later became part of myGold Care Club.  Happy with her successes, she sent me this note of thanks!

Hi LeeI just sent off my son's final transcript a few days ago. Due to a minor mistake, I received a call from the Admissions office.  The requested change was made and the transcript was quickly resent.  I'm telling you this because the office staff's comment was "I love your transcript!  Well done."  (Or something to that effect.) The comment should really have gone to you!I want to thank you for all your support over the past five years, from the talks you gave which I attended at WHO conventions, to discussions at your booths there, to the few phone conversations we had as part of my Gold Care Club membership and my attendance at some of your webinars.  You had so much information and support available on your website as well.  Unfortunately, my life was waaaaay busier than I would have liked for all of the time I was homeschooling my son through high school.  I didn't keep up with the records as much as or as well as I wanted.  I wasn't able to take advantage of all your many resources.  However, knowing they--and you--were available gave me a lot of comfort.  And most importantly, we made it through.My son was accepted at his first choice school, and he's looking forward to heading off to college in the fall.  He also did well over this past year in classes at the local community college, so he and I must have done something right!  He's a nice, responsible, friendly, out-going young man (well-socialized!)  I am proud of him and will miss him terribly.  It's all good.At this point it is time, regretfully, for me to cancel my membership and move on to something else.  Do you have any resources for Moms about what to do with an 'empty nest'??  I can see what you've done, and it's very inspirational. I have passed your info along to my niece who is also homeschooling high school (and younger--four kids total.) I will also recommend you to others if the opportunity arises.

Thanks again for all you have provided to me--and for your support for the homeschooling community in general.

With much gratitude and warm wishes,
Maryjane in Washington

Thank you so much for the encouraging feedback, and encouragement to others.

I actually DO have an article on Empty Nest, in case it will be helpful for someone today.  It's called The End of Homeschooling: When Did My Baby Grow Up? 




The HomeScholar’s newsletter comes out on the first of every month.  Sign up now for your free monthly newsletter!

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Comprehensive Record Saves The Day!

Comprehensive Record Saves The Day!
I have a confession to make! I actually used my own Homeschool Comprehensive Records last month!

It's true! My son Kevin is headed to graduate school, and he needed to know his immunization records. Since that is required by Washington State Homeschool law, that was a part of my Comprehensive Homeschool Records. I opened my binder, quickly found the immunization records, made a copy, and emailed it to my son. Presto! Crisis averted!

And then it struck me! My son is 25, and I haven't homeschooled for ages, but my Comprehensive Homeschool Records are still helping me! Normally I can't remember squat, and I was so thankful my homeschool records saved my bacon.

If you suffer from The Heartbreak of Homeschool CRS* and you are unable to prepare your homeschool records because you "Can't Remember Squat" about your homeschool, let me help.

Learn about The Comprehensive Record Solution
Free Webinar: Homeschool Records That Open Doors

*CRS: Can't Remember Squat
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Human Error: Admission Staff Misunderstands Homeschooling

Human Error: Admission Staff Misunderstands Homeschooling
Don't be surprised if some colleges have a misunderstanding about homeschoolers.  College admission personnel have a lot on their plate. There are rules, regulations, urgent issues, and heart-wrenching decisions to make.

I can imagine it's a difficult job, and probably hard to keep up with all the details.  I'm sure that to some people, homeschooling might seem like a detail they don't need to understand.  Of course, if their lack of understanding has a negative impact on your child, it's time to "help and encourage" the admission personnel.  Calmly and kindly explain the situation, using small words if necessary.  Kathy wrote to me explaining how successful her homeschool transcript was, at least once she explained to the admission office a few details about homeschooling.

Dear Lee,

Your help and knowledge were so much appreciated in creating a very nice and professional transcript for my daughter.  I was very confident with how we were able to translate our unschooling, and bible studies into class credits.

The trouble I ran into was human error at the college level.  I came into contact with a woman, who, number one, thought that I needed a "governing" entity over me that I would be "reporting" all our school activity to, so that they in turn would be printing out a transcript and diploma.  Secondly, she informed me that no scholarships would be awarded to anyone with only 6 semesters on their transcript (my daughter graduated at the end of her junior year).  She kept on pressing this point.  I kept on insisting that she has graduated and therefore qualifies.  She finally relented and went into the directors office and had a small discussion with him, all the while emphasizing that there were only "6 semesters" on this transcript.  After a seemingly long two minutes, she emerged to tell me that "we were good to go" and then proceeded to tell me how much the scholarship would cover towards tuition.  I thought to myself, "how many people have been totally discouraged and turned away by this woman?!"

In looking back on the situation, I felt my only saving grace, was this:

1. I knew the state laws of Kansas concerning homeschool record keeping and that no governing entity was required.
2. I had personal experience with early graduation. I, myself, had graduated at mid term from my own high school and therefore did not have 8 semesters on a transcript, I only had 7 semesters.  If not for this personal experience, I possibly would have turned away and been very disappointed for the sake of my daughter and beat myself up, thinking I had done my daughter a disservice in some way.
3. I am so thankful for the strength from the Lord, the knowledge from you, and for my own personal experience, to persevere through this instance.
4. My daughter now has a presidential scholarship (which pays for 90% of her cosmetology education) and a Pell grant which pays for the rest!!

Thanks again for your help!  It was so worth it to be able to talk with you personally and have access to the templates and other information!  I would recommend your services to anyone who might have the slightest bit of doubt when it comes to making a transcript for their young adult who is entering college.

Joyfully in Christ....Kathy

There are people who just need a little more concrete information in order to fully understand the situation.  Give them the information they need in a calm and courteous way.  Notice that in Kathy's story, this incredible stressful situation was solved within two minutes of providing the missing information.  Human error did not truly cause disruption in the long run, because Kathy was assertive, and handled the situation well.

Usually I hear these situations resolve the same way.  One person consults in the office talks to someone else who knows the homeschool policy better, and it's quickly fixed.  Without an assertive parent, this situation could have ended differently.  I can image there are parents who might think the first answer is the ONLY answer, and could lose thousands of dollars in financial aide.

For more information about the transcript help that I gave to Kathy, you can read about The Total Transcript Solution or take the free class A Homeschool Parent's Guide to Grades, Credits and Transcripts.

If you face human error, take a deep breath, force yourself to be calm, and give them whatever piece of the puzzle seems to be missing.

For more information about how your child can earn great college scholarships, watch my video, “Getting the BIG Scholarships,” available both as an online class or DVD.
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The Relative Importance of Homeschool Transcripts and Standardized Tests

The Relative Importance of Homeschool Transcripts and Standardized Tests
"How important is the transcript compared to SAT or ACT scores when it comes to college admissions or scholarships? I know it is good to have both but without those great scores it seems like all is lost."

~ Anne on Facebook

Hi Anne!

The transcript is extremely important. It's the one page overview of your student so the college can give them a "thumbs up" or "thumbs down" quickly. It's a good idea to have some outside documentation besides your transcript. Usually that's the SAT or ACT test. Sometimes it can be online classes, dual enrollment, or letters of recommendation. It depends on the college how much emphasis they put on tests, because each college is unique that way.

It's NOT necessarily good to have both the SAT and ACT test, actually. First, check to see if the college your child wants to go to prefers one test over the other. Usually colleges don't care which test they take. Then give a sample SAT and sample ACT at home. Kids usually do better on one test than the other. Then take them to be tested with the one that makes them look smarter :-) This article will explain everything. Your children don't have to have a perfect score, you just want them to score their best.

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Preparing Homeschool Records & Transcripts Early

Preparing Homeschool Records & Transcripts Early

Mary graduated her son this year and was EXTREMELY successful as a homeschool parent.  Still, she confesses that the job would have been much easier and less exhausting had she done the work before senior year.  Here is Mary's story:
Hi Lee!!!

Haven't contacted you since my senior, Bryan, was accepted into the University of North Carolina School of the Arts in April!  The School of Filmmaking is a fairly exclusive program and I am so very proud of him!  His interview went very well (Bryan's a strong "people person"!) but I understand that they interviewed him with his "Comprehensive High School Record" open in their possession, referring to details within it during the interview! Wow - what fun to know that all that work was of value to them in their job of selecting candidates for their  program.  Thank you, Lee, for the unspeakably big help you were in that whole process of my documenting his high school years!

I attached Bryan's picture - do you remember us?  I'm the RN mom who had spent the previous 5 years caring for my mom before she passed, and had  done NO course descriptions until I started fall of last year!!  Nightmare! - but your help and guidance got me through it beautifully (although exhausted) in time to submit it all in December!  Well - my rising 10th and 11th graders are NOT going to be in the same place by the time THEIR applications are rolling - this mom's got some SERIOUS templates to work from:  my son's transcript template, lots of course descriptions  needing only updating/grades/etc, and multitudes of know-how, *thanks to my personal HomeScholar tutor!


Mary in North Carolina

Now is a GREAT time to be working on your homeschool records!  I used to work on mine during the summer, completing course descriptions for the previous year.  I have a FREE Webinar that will help get you prepared for the job:  Homeschool Records that Open Doors!

Simply planning ahead over summer can make a world of difference.  When you get these record keeping chores done during the break, you will be free to homeschool with reckless abandon during the school year.  That makes life SO much more fun!

For more help, you may want to purchase the Comprehensive Record Solution

The Comprehensive Record Solution provides what you need to create homeschool records to amaze and impress the colleges.  You get training and templates and real life examples of successful high school records; including my own which resulted in full-tuition scholarships to our first-choice university. Get the guidance and coaching you need to finish the job with confidence.  Read on for more information.

I am now a featured expert on!  You can read my articles here.
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Comprehensive Record Solution Launch - The Results Are In!

Comprehensive Record Solution Launch - The Results Are In!

What a fun launch!  These are the winners of the fast mover bonuses!  But if you are feeling left out, check below for a special offer and a new bonus for ordering!

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Winner in our Comprehensive Record Solution Blog Contest!

Winner in our Comprehensive Record Solution Blog Contest!
WOW!!! All told, we had close to 80 entries to our Blog Contest from parents around the globe who shared their hopes and dreams for their homeschool children. If you haven't browsed the entries, I know you will find them touching and inspiring. Check them out here and here. I was moved by many of the messages and amazed at the love and commitment demonstrated by everyone who entered.

In fact, we had so many great entries, it made it very difficult to choose a winner. Ultimately I chose Cynthia Vereide's entry because it really captured the heart of homeschool parents everywhere. See if you agree:

Well, my hopes and dreams for my children start and end with wanting God's will for their lives. We are near the end of high school for our firstborn. We anticipate college ahead, but are new to the path to get there, and the deadlines and organization required to take this step well. This past summer I worked with Lee and her Total Transcripts Solution to organize the learning that has taken place in our homeschool. What a boost of confidence it gave me, my husband and my girls. We know they have learned, but it is easy to think that the "professionals" do a better job. To accept that we are professionals, and to bring up the records to the look and feel of professional was such a boost. I see the fact of God calling us, and God equipping us as important. I think that this product is a way to be equipped to help our girls find and enter the path to which God has called each of them.
~ Cynthia Vereide

I want to personally thank each of you who took the time to enter this contest. Your word inspired me and, I believe, they will continue to inspire all the homeschooling parents who have yet to reach the wonderful high school years.

PS. There is still time to join our free launch webinar where I will be sharing secrets of creating a great comprehensive record as well as how to improve your chances of winning those great Fast Mover Bonuses. Sign up for the webinar here.
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Total Transcript Solution or the Comprehensive Record Solution

Total Transcript Solution or the Comprehensive Record Solution
I am getting a lot of questions that go like this:
Dear Lee,
I just finished watching your short video introducing your new product Comprehensive Record Solution. How does it differ from your Total Transcript Solution? Is one more expansive than the other is? Will I need both to assist me in learning how to complete great records for our daughter?

Thank you so much for your time and all you do to assist us nervous and scared teachers beginning the Homeschool High school experience.


Here is my reply:
Hi Susan,
Sorry for the delay in replying. This is a new blog for me so I’m still getting used to how it works. Yes it is very different and much more comprehensive than the Total Transcript Solution. The Total Transcript Solution is geared for parents who are in need of just creating a transcript. It is intended to break the process down into small, easy to manage elements. The Comprehensive Record Solution is geared for parents who know they need to do more than “just a transcript.” It will enable you to create the transcript, but also the course descriptions, reading list, activities and award list and work samples that go into a “comprehensive” record.

There is two transcript training classes and one transcript template included in the Comprehensive Record Solution so you can get your transcript done if all you order is the Comprehensive Record Solution. If you need more comprehensive help on transcripts, including more templates, more training and personal transcript consulting with me, then you will want to get the Total Transcript Solution as well. My recommendation for you if you haven’t purchased either is to get the Comprehensive Record Solution first, then see if you need additional transcript help. If so, I would then purchase the Total Transcript Solution. If you have already purchased the Total Transcript Solution, then I know you will REALLY benefit from the content of the Comprehensive Record Solution.

If you are on my mailing list, please read the review on the Comprehensive Record Solution from Sally in tomorrow’s email. I think it will really help your decision.

PS.  Tomorrow I will be hosting a blog contest on the Comprehensive Record Solution blog.  Enter to win a free copy!!  http://www.ComprehensiveRecordSolution/blog.
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NEWSFLASH! Homeschool Mom Graduates. Son Off to College!

NEWSFLASH!  Homeschool Mom Graduates.  Son Off to College!
This note was SO encouraging to me, I knew I had to share it with you all.
Hi Lee,

I am taking a few moments to write to you before we send Jacob off to college on Sunday. Lee when I found your website and materials it was such a blessing! I had been struggling to create a transcript using some pretty expensive software and was just not having much success. From the very first time I spoke with you my anxiety level decreased immensely and I was able to create a beautiful document that accurately reflected Jacob's accomplishments. Jacob was especially grateful that you suggest I give him a computer programming credit for the Sudoku problem-solving program and website he developed:) He certainly deserved it but I wasn't looking "outside of the box."

When we went on college visits I took his transcript with us and there was never anything but praise from the college admissions counselors. Jacob was ultimately admitted to the five schools he applied to and received scholarship offers from every school. Since Jacob was named a National Merit Scholarship Finalist he was awarded a 4-year full tuition scholarship to The Ohio State University (Honors Program) where he ultimately decided to attend. He will major in their computer science engineering program.

I hope that other parents who are considering homeschooling high school will realize that it can be done! I know when we were contemplating doing it one of my greatest fears was that I would mess up his life forever and he would not have the opportunities that other students would have. Well that was just simply wrong! Jacob was able to study at his own pace and accomplish quite a bit along the way:) I also feel that I was able to spend precious time with my son that was and will continue to be a blessing for our entire family. That isn't to say that there weren't hard days (weeks, months even!) but we persevered and grew so much along the way!

I can't thank you enough for helping me pull it all together and cheering us across the finish line! I know we'll continue to be in contact over the next two years as Sara begins the process of applying to the military academies. That will be an entirely different experience but I am sure with your materials and support it will be much easier:)

Thanks for everything!

Cassie in Ohio

You can do this, just like Cassie did!

Get great homeschool help on records that will ensure colleges stop and take notice.  Learn about my Comprehensive Record Solution!
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Homeschool Transcripts: When Can you Call it an Elective?

Homeschool Transcripts: When Can you Call it an Elective?
Electives can be a million different things, and homeschoolers have limitless possibilities in the variety of classes they can give their children.  When you provide a unique class, it might be a regular subject area, or it might be an elective, or it might be an activity.   Every situation is unique, but I can provide a general rule of thumb that may help if you have an unusual question like Judi.
I have your books Setting the Records Straight and Easy Truth but I haven't found the answer to my question yet. If I missed it just direct me to the chapter. Here is the question. My kids do livestock judging year round. They have practice for 1.5 hours per week and compete around the state. A competition will take 3 to 4 hours. I am wondering if I should list this as an elective for credit but I still want to list all the competitions and awards earned. Not sure of the best way to record this.

Graff Land and

If you don't have enough hours to call it a credit, then call it an activity. If you need it to fulfill credits in a particular area, like occupational education, then use it there. If it fits clearly into a subject area (like 4H handicrafts fit nicely into art) then use it there. If neither of those fit, then I usually suggest listing it as an elective. I would call it "Elective:  Animal Husbandry" - or search local colleges for a more appropriate name for the class.   You can list the competitions and awards in a course description about that class.

Here is a blog post that might help.

Learn how to save money homeschooling with my free Special Report: “7 Secrets to Homeschooling Through a Financial Storm.”
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Thank You for Attending our Launch!

Thank You for Attending our Launch!
We are weary, yet thrilled with how well our launch went yesterday.  We are very grateful to be able to support the homeschool community this way.  Thank you so much for participating in this exciting event.  We are looking forward to getting to know many of you through the weekly consultations available through the Gold Care Club.

Here are the winners of the early responder bonuses from yesterday's launch!

1. Tracie Schroeder (Bonuses 1 - 5)
2. Juli Perry (Bonuses 1 - 5)
3. Beth Brown (Bonuses 1 - 5)
4. Kathy Johns (Bonuses 2 - 5)
5. Kathy Rinker (Bonuses 2 - 5)
6. Sheila Kleinhenz (Bonuses 3 - 5)
7. Leanne Hamby (Bonuses 3 - 5)
8. Michaél Friedlein (Bonuses 4 - 5)
9. Sharon Quick (Bonuses 4 - 5)
10. Mechelle Wong (Bonuses 4 - 5)
11. Julia May (Bonuses 4 - 5)
12. Annemarie Tolman (Bonus 5)
13. Joanne Page (Bonus 5)
14. Julie Stickler (Bonus 5)
15. Susan Drinnon (Bonus 5)
16. Olga Couturier (Bonus 5)
17. Carol Reynolds (Bonus 5)
18. Terri Mahaffey (Bonus 5)
19. Suzanne Sukhram (Bonus 5)
20. Paul Davison (Bonus 5)
21. Janet Armour (Bonus 5)
22. Lori Gerbracht (Bonus 5)
23. Sharon Masayda (Bonus 5)
24. Theresa Standley (Bonus 5)
25. Lois Schiffman (Bonus 5)

First Responder Bonus #1
Preparing to Homeschool High School

First Responder Bonus #2
Finding a College DVD

First Responder Bonus #3
Getting the BIG Scholarships DVD

First Responder Bonus #4
"Gifted Education at Home" CD

First Responder Bonus #5
"Keys to High School Success" online class

Thank you for all of your support!

We will have a make up webinar on "Credits and Grades and Transcripts" tomorrow at 9:00 AM (Pacific).  Here is the Registration!
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College Scholarships Result From Preparation

College Scholarships Result From Preparation

My client Ann just heard that her son was admitted to his first choice college, accepted into the honors program, and awarded a $14,000. It's so exciting to see her having such great success while it's only mid-October!

The first awards you hear about are often just the beginning, and I'm sure the family has more aid coming.  Need based money and more specific scholarships come later, but this is a great, great start!

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