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What Will God Teach You?

What Will God Teach You?
On Facebook I asked a simple question, "What did God teach you during your first year of homeschooling?" The number one answer? Patience, of course! You Will Learn Patience!Just like these moms. "Patience!" ~ Leanne, Candace & others. Some seemed to SCREAM the answer in all caps!"Patience, persistence, and trusting to let him lead us and guide us." ~ Angela "I learned to have patience and accept the will of God, because for the first two years...
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Guest — Birdie
Beautiful post Lee. Just beautiful.
Thursday, 23 January 2014 18:45
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Public School Annual Report Card

Public School Annual Report Card
I love reading our local public school's yearly updates.  It has awesome information that can be affirming and encouraging to homeschoolers. Let's do a quick check and see how we are doing by looking at the Highline Public Schools 2012-2013 Report Card and annual report to the community. First of all, do you insist on labeling your children by color groups? I always find it so frustrating when I see pie charts with "black, white, mixed, and...
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Guest — Luke Holzmann
Yep. I read our local school report. The numbers always remind me that homeschooling is an excellent option for education [smile].... Read More
Tuesday, 07 January 2014 06:02
Guest — JW
My history with this district goes back decades - think Disco, LOL. It's a pretty crummy district and they've always blown hot ai... Read More
Monday, 06 January 2014 19:50
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Nervous about Homeschooling High School?

Nervous about Homeschooling High School?
Not everyone feels confident about homeschooling.  Shannon was nervous when she started, but I'd say it ended up pretty well for her and her son, Aaron.  Read Shannon's story - I know it will encourage you! Hi Lee, I'm responding to your request for high school graduate postings.When I began homeschooling Aaron in kindergarten, I wasn't sure I could teach the basics, let alone all the way through high school.I was nervous about teaching in general....
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Crying out for Homeschool Encouragement

Crying out for Homeschool Encouragement
Dear Homeschool Parents,Other parents feel the same fear that you do.  I have shared my own fears before, and I know I'm not alone.  Fear of failure is inherent in parenting.  Please read these words and tell me if you have ever had these feelings: overwrought, fear creeps in, meltdown, wonder about my own abilities, doing a lackluster homeschooling job, becoming more and more nervous, need moral support, family is NOT supportive, fear failure and future...
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    You are the high school guidance counselor. Although there are many ways to compare colleges and their statistics, you may need a book to help explain the differences between the colleges you are looking at.

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     If you're a homeschool family and have a teen in the house, I'm certain that you've probably had the dreaded discussion ... "When can I learn to drive?" 

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