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Oregon Christian Home Education Conference: Continuing Education for Homeschool Parents!

Oregon Christian Home Education Conference: Continuing Education for Homeschool Parents!
In many states nurses, doctors, and other professionals are required to take a certain amount of continuing education courses each year. They need to stay up-to-date on the latest research and trends.

Homeschooling parents have a similar need for continuing education. Soon it will be homeschool convention time, and I encourage you to put them on your calendar now! If you don’t have a convention in your state, go to a neighboring state. Conventions can show you the newest curriculum, and you can find the resources that will be perfect for your child. Conventions provide wonderful classes that will instruct you on how to teach, or encourage and inspire you to continue along this sometimes challenging path. You’ll find educational games and activity suggestions that will spark interests in your children. Conventions aren’t 100% perfect, and I know they can be very overwhelming at times. They can also help you plan ahead, learn more, and become motivated again.

Do you live in or near Oregon? I'll be presenting at the 17th Annual Oregon Christian Home Education Conference on June 24th and 25th! Join me at the Oregon Convention Center in Portland for some continuing education of your own.

Friday, June 24, 2011

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God in the Gaps

God in the Gaps
Homeschoolers worry about "gaps" and how they can prevent holes in our children's education.  I have talked to a lot of adults, and I can honestly say we ALL have gaps in our education!  It's impossible to know everything, right?  So we all have gaps.  I'm pretty sure the Lord agrees:

Romans 3:23
For all have sinned and fall short of the glory of God,

We all have gaps, and our children will all have gaps.  We will all fail to some degree.

I like to think that 1 Peter provides a corollary:
1 Peter 4:8
Above all, love each other deeply, because love covers over a multitude of sins.

Don't worry too much about gaps.  Be sure to provide the LOVE.  It's the love for your child that will ensure success.

Thank you for nominating us for Best Encourager and Best Homeschool Curriculum/Business Blog on The Homeschool Blog awards.  I would love to have your vote!
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Home School Education - Misty, water-colored memorization...

Home School Education - Misty, water-colored memorization...

...of the way we were....Did you ever have to memorize anything in high school? Don't remember? I did, and to this day I can still annoy my family with "No Man is an Island"! Memorization isn't a the most critical skill, but it can be fun. Choose a poem or a scripture, and try it for yourself.

When we began, I didn't actual think that memorization was that important, so I set my sights pretty low. I began with deciding that my kids would merely read the same passage each day of the week for three weeks. I wasn't trying for the goal of memorization at all, I was just trying to give them an "ear" for good literature. What I found out really surprised me! About two weeks into this process, I found that the boys had memorized much of the passage. By three weeks they could say it completely by heart! Later in our homeschool career, they were able to memorize large portions of scripture just by reading it aloud daily to me. I was amazed - I didn't know the human brain worked like that!

Try it, and see if it's fun for your own homeschool!

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Christian Homeschooling - Reading Comprehension (or...Read this Post Twice)

Christian Homeschooling - Reading Comprehension (or...Read this Post Twice)
Reading comprehension was a huge concern when my sons were in 9th grade. I thought - and worried - about it a lot. The thing that frustrated me was that my kids would interact with the books they read (laughing at the funny parts, for example) but when it came time for "reading comprehension questions" they didn't seem to do very well. I ultimately decided that for us, having my child understand the book meant interacting with the book. I decided that reading comprehension questions weren't the best gauge of real understanding. To learn more about this idea, you might want to read Ruth Beechick's book, "You CAN Teach Your Child Successfully."

It is most important that your student is encouraged to read and write at their own level. Whether they are above or below their grade level is not nearly as significant. Once your child knows the mechanics it probably just boils down to practice. Encourage your child to write every day.

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Home School Education - Homeschool College this Summer!

Home School Education - Homeschool College this Summer!

Right there on the brochure it said: "Who takes CLEP? A homeschooled 15-year-old." I felt somewhat reassured when I walked into the test center, knowing that my son couldn't be THAT unusual, since his demographic was right on the brochure. And imagine my surprise! Within the month, my son obtained college credit in "Principles of Marketing" and "Business Law" and yet I had never purchased marketing or law curriculum! How does that happen, exactly? As a homeschool parent, you may know what your children have been taught, but you may not realize what they know. There is a place where knowledge reigns supreme. A place where you can also discover their hidden learning -- your local CLEP testing center.


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