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How to Document Homeschool PE Credits

How to Document Homeschool PE Credits
Do homeschool P.E. credits seem elusive to you? Do you wish there was a surefire system to document all P.E. credits? To be sure, homeschool P.E. isn’t the same as a public school P.E. class, but you have the blessing of a wider range of options for P.E. credit as a homeschooler.
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It is relatively easy to document these credits as well, just count the hours and have proof of participation. One homeschooler, who's child is playing a sport for P.E. credit asked me this question about documenting it:
What other records should be kept for P.E. if your child is playing a sport? Do you need to keep a schedule, wins or losses, stats, anything like that?

I would encourage you to save a little something to document as proof. As I was thinking about that for our swim team, my kids were given ribbons for participating even though they weren’t awesome swimmers. I just saved their ribbons and that became my documentation. They also gave a certificate of participation at the end and I did keep that in case anybody asked.

Often for things like P.E., they don’t really need proof. One exception might be if your child wants to go to the military or apply for a military academy. Those universities are very particular about certain things and they don’t just want proof of academics; they also want proof of physical fitness. If you play a sport, it’s nice to know if they have a time, their win=loss ratio, the name of the team, the name of the coach etc. so that they can document the physical fitness of your child.


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Homeschooling High School: Senior Year Public School or Community College Dual Enrollment?

Homeschooling High School: Senior Year Public School or Community College Dual Enrollment?
Hi Lee,
I have a question and maybe you can advise me in. I have been homeschooling my 4 children for the last 7 years. My oldest will start her senior year sometime in the next few months. My next one will be starting her junior year. For the last year, they have done nothing but beg me to send them back to public school. Suddenly they want to experience it. My head says it would be ok, but my heart screams no! I am so torn. I had my families support but suddenly they are agreeing with my girls. My husband doesn't understand the point since they want to do duel enrollment. He is from England and still can't understand why at 17 a child is even still in high school. Any advise? I'd be very grateful!!

Dear Cyndi,

There is an issue you need to consider.  It's fairly routine to get homeschoolers into college, but it is difficult to get homeschool credits accepted by a public school.  Chances are if she starts public school now, they will consider her a freshman.  Be very careful.  They may be able to experience public school, but end up experiencing it for a long time before graduating.  I believe the principal is ultimately responsible for those decisions.

If they are doing dual enrollment, then you can include those credits on your homeschool transcript, and you probably won't have trouble.  Dual enrollment can also have some negative consequences.  Community college dual enrollment is often a "Rated R" environment.  Although each  community college is unique, I have heard shockingly consistent stories across the country.  Please research that option carefully as well.

This may be some helpful reading for you: Public School for Senior Year , Facing the Community College Fad

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The HomeScholar Total Transcript Solution Launches at Noon!!

The HomeScholar Total Transcript Solution Launches at Noon!!
Noon (Pacific Time) is the official launch of our Total Transcript Solution.  We will be having a free webinar this morning to celebrate.  You can sign up for "Credits and Grades and Transcripts, Oh My!!" at this registration link.  You are NOT going to want to miss this hour long content rich webinar.

Register for our free webinar this morning on Credits, Grades and Transcripts!
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