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3 Transcript Pitfalls to Avoid

3 Transcript Pitfalls to Avoid
3 Transcript Pitfalls to Avoid It’s August already, and as the summer draws to an end, homeschool parents seem to get busier than ever. Summer can be a busy time! While I’m all for taking a break, it’s important to stay up on homeschool record keeping tasks in high school, especially your transcript. In fact, as I consult with homeschool families, I’ve started to notice some transcript pitfalls that are common to many homeschoolers. Keep an...
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Co-Op Classes on a Transcript

Co-Op Classes on a Transcript
There are lots of ways to put a co-op class on the transcript. Some parents want to highlight that the class was taken in the co-op.  Other parents don't want the information necessarily to be included, they just want to know how to get it  on there the right way.  So let me describe the two ways to do that. Option 1 You can emphasize the class was taken at a co-op.  That is particularly helpful...
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Super Senior and High School Transcripts

Super Senior and High School Transcripts
Not all homeschool families have straightforward high school experiences! Some have switched between homeschool and private or public school during the high school years, and as they try to figure out whether their child is ready graduate, sometimes they realize that a 5th year might be preferable or necessary! “We had a very strange year. My son went to a Christian school in 10th grade, and is now a junior, but he may need to have...
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Lee Binz
Hi, Jill. Sounds like you guys have made a plan as a family and that's great! You can actually count it on the transcript either ... Read More
Wednesday, 28 March 2018 16:34
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This Book is a Must-Read

This Book is a Must-Read
It was so nice to see a new 5-star review of my book, Setting the Records Straight.  Sometimes positive encouragement is so... encouraging! Setting the Records Straight 5-Star Review by Susan Kilbrid This book is a must-read for those of you who are thinking of homeschooling through high school.  Lee Binz goes through the process of making a homeschool transcript step by step and makes what to some is an overwhelming job seem easy. The book...
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"Your One Stop Shop for Transcript Help"

"Your One Stop Shop for Transcript Help"
Home & School Mosaics   wrote a wonderful review of my  Total Transcript Solution !  Look what they said! Your One Stop Shop for Transcript Help Total Transcript Solution Review By Renita Terrell I LOVE this product!! I have a freshman this year and the information in this product and on Lee's website are invaluable. Completely invaluable. Total Transcript Solution is a gem to have to help you navigate the sometimes frightening waters of High School...
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THANK YOU from Canada

THANK YOU from Canada
I love our neighbors to the north - and not just because I live in Seattle and can almost see Canada from my house.  And not just because my daughter-in-law is Canadian and calls her mother "Queen Mum."  I love Canadian homeschoolers because they are just like ALL homeschoolers!  They are parents trying hard to provide the best possible education for the children, for college and for life.   Three of my Canadian friends have assured me...
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Test Prep on a High School Transcript

Test Prep on a High School Transcript
SAT preparation is a good idea, but you don't want to announce "WE STUDY FOR THE TEST" in big bold letters, so I don't recommend the title "SAT Preparation" for a course title.  Instead, I prefer calling it something else. Many public and private schools will include test prep in their regular English and math courses.  Others will provide separate classes for SAT prep, like you are doing.  It's completely fine to give credit for test...
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Homeschool Record Keeping Success!

Homeschool Record Keeping Success!
I met a friend in the grocery store today.  Her son had just finished his first year in college.  A year ago, she and I had spent an hour going over her homeschool records.  We talked about the transcript and how to write course descriptions.  I made suggestions and recommendations, but she did all the work - I only spent an hour with her!  But it gave her what she needed to write a 16 page...
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Converting College Credits to High School Credits

Converting College Credits to High School Credits
"Lee, question I can't find answered on your website. Did your sons take any community college classes while still in high school? How did you give them credit for that? Was one semester of a college course a full credit or half credit of high school? thanks. Renee" Hi Renee! We did take community college classes in high school, and it was a mixed blessing for us.  We did one year of Accelerated Distance Learning (homeschooling...
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