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"I love it all" Says Lori Lane

"I love it all" Says Lori Lane
Lori Lane, of Heart of the Matter Online and Artios Academies LOVED looking at the Total Transcript Solution.I have looked over the Total Transcript Solutions and it’s something that I’m going to recommend to all of the parents that I worked with in Artios Academies and continue to note in on Heart of the Matter.  The research you’ve compiled lines up with how I feel about homeschooling through high school. That is, I want my child to be...
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The Heart of the Matter: Focus on Reading

The Heart of the Matter: Focus on Reading
Enjoy this free online magazine from Heart of the Matter.
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Guest — Christine Smith
Kudos to Heart of the Matter - excellent set up, easy to read, love even the page turning sound! Information - wonderful, great id... Read More
Thursday, 11 March 2010 04:13
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Commit Your Plans to the Lord!

Commit Your Plans to the Lord!
"Commit to the Lord whatever you do, and your plans will succeed."Proverbs 16:3That's quite a promise there!  I love how the Bible says your PLANS will succeed.  He doesn't promise your CURRICULUM will succeed.  Chances are there will be some curriculum choices along the way that won't work.  The good news is that your plans will succeed when you commit what you do to the Lord.  "Here God, this is for you.  You carry the burden."Commit...
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Guest — J W
Wow, I definitely wouldn't be able to go to a *real* conference this weekend, but the virtual conference will fit nicely around ev... Read More
Sunday, 27 July 2008 07:31
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Win a Free Audio Course on High School Testing!

Win a Free Audio Course on High School Testing!
My husband's first "superheroes" article was published on Heart of the Matter Online Magazine, and they are doing a giveaway!  If you leave a comment after the article, you will be registered to win the free audio course. The magazine will do a random drawing of the comments to determine a winner. I have to say that "High School Testing" is BY FAR my favorite HomeScholar course! First of all, I look much thinner on audio, which just...
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