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Determining Homeschool English Credits

Determining Homeschool English Credits
Are you ever unsure about how many English credits to give your students? Does your student spend more time on English assignments than they do on any other subject? These are common conundrums and you are not alone! Can composition and literature be documented as two separate credits?My student spends an hour on composition and an hour on literature each day. In answer to this I will tell you that there are some classes that simply take...
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Homeschool High School: GRAMMAR - To Teach, or Not to Teach?

Homeschool High School: GRAMMAR - To Teach, or Not to Teach?
An "understanding" of grammar is important.  You need it in order to write well. You need it in order to score well on the SAT and ACT tests.  However, grammar is NOT taught every year in high school.  Colleges don't require or test the ability to diagram a sentence. Taking a special grammar class every year is not necessary for the critical life skill of writing.  You may want to teach grammar separately in high school,...
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Guest — Lee
I like using the "Real SAT" books. Here is an article about the SAT and ACT that will help: Read More
Thursday, 11 August 2011 19:43
Guest — Vanessa S
I'm just starting high school this year with my oldest (and with 6 children, I'll be doing it for a quite a while - 16 more years!... Read More
Thursday, 11 August 2011 18:00
Guest — Rebecca
We study grammar very seriously through junior high, so by the time they reach high school, so much is simply review. I have had ... Read More
Monday, 08 August 2011 20:22
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Looking for Language Arts

Looking for Language Arts
Diane asked me a question on my Facebook wall, "My daughter is going into the 9th grade and I am looking for a good language arts/grammar program. Do you have a recommendation as to where to look for one? Thanks."There are SO many good language arts and grammar programs out there, I can't point to one and say "that's it!"  It also has so much to do with the curriculum being a good "fit" for your...
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Guest — J W
We've really loved the "Wordly Wise," "Just Write," and "Writing Skills" series from Educators Publishing Service.
Wednesday, 09 September 2009 19:51
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Latin Road to English Grammar

Latin Road to English Grammar
We started foreign language study with Latin, because I didn't want to speak anything with a funny accent.  We used "Latin Road to English Grammar." Alex was in 5th grade when we started, and Kevin was in 7th.  I didn't know Latin, but the kids did VERY well with the program.  It's definitely high school level.  The first year it took us 30 minutes per day, with me spending an additional 1-2 hours on the weekend,...
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Guest — Elizabeth King
That is an incredible plug for a product if I've ever heard it. Latin boggled me, so this is great advice. Thanks!... Read More
Thursday, 30 April 2009 17:35
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Homeschool English and Grammar Every Year!?

Homeschool English and Grammar Every Year!?
>>>Do you think it is necessary to teach English and Grammar every year?? <<< No, I don't think it's important every year. We taught grammar one time, in 7th grade, with Winston Grammar and that was that. My kids did great on their SATs, so it was obviously plenty for them. We did do foreign languages in high school, so that was another way we got grammar without "teaching grammar" if you know what I mean....
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