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Taking the Magic and Mystery Out of Grading

Taking the Magic and Mystery Out of Grading
Taking the Magic and Mystery Out of Grading Many of the homeschool parents I talk to seem to get really stressed out about assigning grades to their students’ work. Parents often think there is a magic, mysterious, official formula to follow that will remove all subjectivity out of the process. But all grades have some level of subjectivity. Take a look at and read the comments college students make about their professors. Here are some...
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Grading Homeschool PE and Occupational Education

Grading Homeschool PE and Occupational Education
For subjects like PE and Occupational Education - which often don't have a textbook - grading doesn't usually involve tests or written work. Are you wondering how to evaluate your child's learning without tests? Grading Homeschool PE and Occupational Education Grading homeschool PE and occupational education can be as simple as recognizing that your children are meeting your expectations, doing what is required, and completing their work. If they do, you can feel comfortable giving them an "A" for...
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How Grading is Like Playing the Piano!

How Grading is Like Playing the Piano!
In this video, I discuss how homeschool grading is similar to evaluating your child's progress on the piano. Subscribe to my YouTube channel. You will be notified when I create new videos on homeschool high school topics!
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Naming Your High School Courses

Naming Your High School Courses
Some people are intimidated by grading. Some parents are scared of high school credits.  Then there are some unschool or delight-directed homeschools that really stress out about  naming classes.  It can be pretty easy when you use textbooks (look at the title of the  textbook!) but in other situations it’s not as simple. I just got off the phone with a mother trying to name an unusual class. If you are stuck, try Google some key...
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Homeschool High School: Semester or Yearly Grades

Homeschool High School: Semester or Yearly Grades
When homeschooling high school, should you give semester grades or yearly grades? I so enjoy reading your blog and have learned so much.  I have researched the archives but am not finding an answer to a question.  I was planning on just recording a final grade for each subject.  However, in reading some material from Jay Wile he suggests recording a grade per semester.  That really doesn't work as well for us as our schooling is...
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Recent Comments
Lee Binz
A high school transcript is different from a middle school "Report Card" because it's not a progress report, it's a year-long summ... Read More
Tuesday, 11 July 2017 02:06
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Some Homeschool Grading Ideas

Some Homeschool Grading Ideas
I am occasionally asked about how I graded my kids in high school.   I gave tests in about 1/2 my courses at home, and the other 1/2 we evaluated their learning in NON test ways.  You can get a sample of what I mean in my article about grading English here . I have a LONG section about grading in my e-book, The Easy Truth About Homeschool Transcripts .  The process of grading is also described...
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Homeschool Grading Do-Overs?

Homeschool Grading Do-Overs?
I am enjoying your transcript e-book and am looking for clarification on recording grades (for the college transcript.)  Can the student really take an exam, or do any other assignment, over again to earn an A/100% even if they scored lower the first time (from bottom of page 58) – (confused with what you did on pg. 57 – sounds as if you didn’t always give them a second chance? Hi Teresa, I'm so glad you...
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Homeschool Grading: What is an "A"?

Homeschool Grading:  What is an "A"?
Do you have a book to recommend for how to figure out what requirements are for an "A" in a certain subject?  For example, English papers, science subjects, etc., if you are not using a textbook? Hi Diane, In my homeschool, I provided a simple percentage grade for tests that we gave.  If they got 10 wrong and there were 100 questions, they got 90%.  But that's only a grade for a test.  Since you came...
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Give 110% to the College of your Choice!

Give 110% to the College of your Choice!
Karen asks: " I wonder if you could post something explaining the shift of colleges from a 4.0 grading scale to the whatever-it-is-now! I can't understand why a 4.0 student now is not the top of his class, and how this all fits into meeting college requirements for seniors." Back in the good ol' days, giving 100% meant giving it your all. And back in the good ol' days, getting a 4.0 in high school was...
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Where Credit is Due....

Where Credit is Due....
Little known fact:  I only graded 1/2 of our homeschool classes.  It's true that I put a grade next to every course on their transcript, but I only actually gave test grades on math, foreign language, and science.  Little known secret:  I only graded those classes because my curriculum choices provided a test!  There are ways to provide a grade without giving a test!  Don't feel like you have to change the way you "do" your...
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