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How Do You Know Your Child is Gifted?

How Do You Know Your Child is Gifted?
How Do You Know Your Child is Gifted? In general, gifted children learn more, learn faster, and learn at an earlier age. They remember more, understand abstract concepts, and understand them earlier, have passionate interests, and can do multiple things at once and do them well. Expert definitions vary widely. One expert says that gifted children have an I.Q. of 130 or more (I’ve tried to locate I.Q. tests and it’s not easy, so this probably...
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Keep Gifted Kids Challenged

Keep Gifted Kids Challenged
To keep young gifted children challenged, you can go faster through core subjects, but it can be easier to go wider, and experience many different subjects.  This can help you to feed their desire to learn more, but without the negatives that come with material that is above their maturity level. This post contains affiliate links. If you click and buy I may make a few pennies, but not enough for a latte. Keep Gifted Kids...
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Gifted and Stuck in School!

Gifted and Stuck in School!
Gifted education is a subject very near and dear to my heart! It is the reason why I began homeschooling in the first place. After we started, I was surprised at how many other homeschooling benefits there are! If your child is bored in school and you have been wanting to homeschool high school but you're afraid, I have some suggestions. Gifted and Stuck in School! If your child is gifted and stuck in school, I offer...
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PSAT Scores: 14 And Gifted

PSAT Scores: 14 And Gifted
What do you do when your child's PSAT score surprises you? Life with a gifted child is never boring! Sometimes you just don't know what to do next. PSAT Scores: 14 and Gifted Hi Lee,I just got a jolt when I read on your website that a rough conversion from PSAT to SAT is to add a zero to the end. So what do I do with a 14 year old who has a PSAT selection index...
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Recent Comments
Guest — Lee
Cindi, often the percentile score for one standardized test (like the Stanford) will be roughly the same as the percentile score o... Read More
Thursday, 06 November 2014 09:18
Guest — Cindi
My daughter won't be taking the PSAT for another year. I'm curious how well she'll do. She's a great student and has always done e... Read More
Thursday, 06 November 2014 08:57
Guest — Jan
Sometimes, it can be difficult to find resources to challenge a homeschooled student with an aptitude for math and science. I wou... Read More
Tuesday, 28 October 2014 20:24
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High School for the Very Young

High School for the Very Young
High School?  5th grade?  Where do you draw the line between "smart" and "put it on the high school transcript?"I received some questions on my Facebook the other day.  Some big, beefy questions!  How about if I give you the "readers digest" version with some resources for more information.>>>>My son is 10 and he is interested in studying Birds.  I would like to purchase a Bird Study course from Cornell University.  My daughter is 11 and...
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Guest — J W
Lee gives good examples of how to document high school work done before high school age in her book about high school transcripts.... Read More
Monday, 29 June 2009 16:25
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Is Distance Learning Leading you Astray?

Is Distance Learning Leading you Astray?
Distance learning means time on the computer - and kids LOVE computers!  But what do you do when they love being online too much?My daughter is taking distance learning this year so she is online a lot.  I am homeschooling my 16 year old daughter with an online Gifted and Talented organization. We have a net nanny programmed but there are still plenty of sites to keep her busy doing anything but school work. Have you...
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Recent Comments
Guest — J W
We also have two Windows accounts per child. Each child has one account for school and whatever creative art and/or writing they ... Read More
Tuesday, 17 March 2009 11:49
Guest — J W
If you want to get *really* radical, here's what we do. We have an ethershield and are running Safe Eyes. Both are available fro... Read More
Tuesday, 17 March 2009 07:08
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Do Not Conform

Do Not Conform
Romans 12:2Do not conform any longer to the pattern of this world, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind.I often say that we should "Never compare, someone always gets hurt."  I think I first came upon that phrase listening to Focus on the Family when I had toddlers, and it's been an important part of our family ever since.It's very important in homeschooling, too!  We don't WANT to be the same as a public...
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Recent Comments
Guest — Catherine
Great post! My oldest is 13, and she has never been to school. But, I still fall into the comparison trap. It is particularly h... Read More
Tuesday, 18 November 2008 07:51
Guest — J W
Amen, amen, and amen. One of my children is "gifted," and the other is is "struggling." However, each child is more than her lab... Read More
Sunday, 19 October 2008 09:49
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Homeschooled Olympians?

Homeschooled Olympians?
I heard the Olympics commentator mention that most of the USA gymnasts are homeschooled, because they practice for so many hours each day.  Wow!  I never thought about that before, but I'll bet it's true.  Imagine, each one of those kids has a gift.  Their parents found the gift, fed the flames, and encouraged specialization.  And they ended up in the Olympics!  How proud they must be!But I'll bet you work JUST as hard as those...
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Recent Comments
Guest — ME
As a very precocious child, but not encouraged, I have tried to be very encouraging to my children to do whatever they dreamed. W... Read More
Saturday, 28 July 2012 10:37
Guest — J W
Unfortunately, skeptics answer this with, "Well, I'll bet gymnastics is the *only* thing they do for school." I never try to conv... Read More
Wednesday, 20 August 2008 06:50
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Michael Phelps - Superhero!

Michael Phelps - Superhero!
Michael Phelps has ADD - did you know that?  His mother was able to take what could have been a detriment, and turned it into a huge advantage.  I love this article titled "Michael Phelps' Mom on How to Raise an ADHD Superstar."  It states that "Behind almost every ADHD success story is a devoted parent (or two)." Read the article from Did you read about my newsletter article about the boy homeschool graduate with...
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Recent Comments
Guest — Marvin Trobaugh
I simply want to say I am very new to blogs and seriously enjoyed you're web page. Very likely I’m likely to bookmark your site . ... Read More
Monday, 14 May 2012 17:34
Guest — LeeLoo
There are many children/people with ADHD who have some sort of superpowers. But the sad thing is, most of them are kind of ashamed... Read More
Monday, 03 August 2009 04:03
Guest — Stephanie
WOW! I just read Matt's series, and it is fabulous. It really fits a lot with what my husband and I have been talking about this s... Read More
Wednesday, 20 August 2008 17:01
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College at Home Options

College at Home Options
View this quick video on the process.Here are the books I recommend on the subject:* "Accelerated Distance Learning" by Homeschool Graduate Brad Voeller.* or Bears Guide To Earning College Degrees Nontraditionally by BearHere's how it works: You pick and choose from online classes across the nation. All the work is done at home.  All the results from those different online experiences are all sent to one distant location, to a real university.  If you choose to...
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Help with a Gifted Daughter

Help with a Gifted Daughter
Betty writes:I'm wondering if you can recommend any reading material for our gifted 16-year-old daughter, to help her understand herself. Studying martial arts has been one of the best self-confidence boosters for her, but I think she would really benefit from some affirming works that go into identification, characteristics, success stories, and the like. Thanks for your wonderful website. It has helped me a lot.Dear Betty, I have a web page on gifted teens. On that...
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