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Freshman Social Studies

Freshman Social Studies
Freshman Social Studies What do you cover for social studies ? Ninth grade usually starts with American History. This is because most kids already know about George Washington and Abraham Lincoln, so starting in the U.S. builds on what they know. Tenth grade usually means World History, because by then children know about the Revolutionary War, World War 1, and World War 2, so this history builds on what they know. Usually American Government and Economics...
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Set Your Priorities for Freshman and Sophomore Years

Set Your Priorities for Freshman and  Sophomore Years
Set Your Priorities for Freshman and Sophomore Years Set your priorities for freshman and sophomore years. Consider what you have to do in order to be ready for college even if your child isn’t planning on it, just in case your child chooses to go. Know your local homeschool laws and how they apply to homeschooling high school. When you look at homeschool laws, they are not usually the same laws that apply to public schools....
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What Grade is My High School Child?

What Grade is My High School Child?
There you are, homeschooling the normal and natural way, not worrying about grade levels. After all, when your child is younger, how can you really tell what grade they are in? Because they could be in 5th grade math, 8th grade spelling, and using a 7th grade history curriculum. But when you have a high school student, suddenly everyone wants to know. What Grade is My High School Child? The easiest way to determine grade level...
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Dual Enrollment and Freshman Scholarships

Dual Enrollment and Freshman Scholarships
One small detail about going to college as a freshman means you have to remain a freshman until you begin at the University.  Taking college classes within the context of dual enrollment is fine.  When college classes are counted toward high school courses, then they are counted as high school courses, and the student is still considered a freshman in terms of the university admission.  In senior year, you can take college classes that are placed...
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Great Economic News for the College Bound!

Great Economic News for the College Bound!
Great economic news! When I speak to groups, I often emphasize that private schools are usually NOT more expensive than public schools.  They have more money to give away, so the scholarship awards are much larger.  In fact, if you compare the actual amount students SPEND on college, rather than the "sticker price," many times public and private universities are the SAME price for a family. Now, with the current economic decline, the situation is actually...
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Questions Regarding Testing

Questions Regarding Testing
Hi Lee, I homeschool my children and have a question about my daughter.  She is soon to be 15 and doing tenth grade work.  She has also been going through cancer treatment since May.  I noticed that most Sophmores take the PSAT in the fall, but she wasn't able to do this due to being in the hospital.  Are we still on track for her to take it next October?  How will this affect her taking...
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No Freshman Fun!

No Freshman Fun!
Dear Lee, I have a question about whether I should have my daughter take the PSAT this year. I am aware of the helpfulness of this test. (I benefitted from the "profit" aspect of the test myself when I was in high school.) My problem is that Catherine, my daughter, is a "freshmore" this year. She did not get enough credits last year to qualify her as a sophomore. (I taught high school before and only...
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Must Do, May Do and Can't Stop Doing!

Must Do, May Do and Can't Stop Doing!
At this time of the year, friends are discussing their curriculum choices for next year. I have been asked by several people what we used during the high school years. Every child is unique, of course, but here is a snapshot of our freshman year: These are the things I made them do: American Literature & Composition (Sonlight 100) American History (Sonlight 100) Biology with Lab (Apologia) Algebra 1 (Jacob's Algebra) Fine Arts 1: American Art...
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