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Webinar Recording: Strategies for Maximizing the High School Years

Webinar Recording: Strategies for Maximizing the High School Years
Webinar Recording: Strategies for Maximizing the High School Years Recently, I had fun helping answer questions for an Institute for Excellence in Writing (IEW) webinar called "Strategies for Maximizing High School." Would you like to watch the recording?You can watch Andrew Pudewa (Institute for Excellence in Writing) and Woody Roberston (CollegePlus) as they share salient points on this important topic and answer your questions on writing, thinking, and speaking.Watch the Strategies for Maximizing High School recording...
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Happy Valentine’s Day! Free Webinar and Ebook!

Happy Valentine’s Day! Free Webinar and Ebook!
Happy Valentine’s Day!I hope you have a great Valentine’s Day, and enjoy the love of your family!  I have a gift for you: a free webinar and ebook, Taking the Mystery Out of the ACT and SAT! This is a FREE full length class, PLUS Ebook for you to print and save.Many parents get stressed by the college preparation process, but you don’t need to! Join me and Andrew Pudewa from theInstitute For Excellence in Writing as we share the secrets...
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Free Live Training Webinar on February 19th

Free Live Training Webinar on February 19th
Join The HomeScholar for a free LIVE presentation!“A Homeschool Parent's Guide to Grades, Credits and Transcripts” will give you the information and confidence you need to succeed in creating AMAZING homeschool transcripts that the colleges will LOVE! There will be lots of time to get your high school record keeping questions answered by an expert!Everyone who registers will receive an audio recording of the class, so while we are together you can just sit back and...
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Free Homeschool Magazine

Free Homeschool Magazine
You can get a free encouraging magazine for Christian women from my friends at Wisdom's Gate.  An Encouraging Word is a quarterly publication designed for Christian women of all ages. Now in its 15th year of publication, An Encouraging Word continues to reach thousands of  women with encouragement, support, direction, and blessing for wives, mothers, grandmothers, sisters, daughters...and anyone in need of an encouraging word! Get a FREE sample copy of "An Encouraging Word" magazine -...
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In just a few hours the website will open up for orders of my latest solution, The Comprehensive Record Solution.    You can preview it now so that at noon you will have all the information you need to JUMP on those Fast Mover Bonuses.  Just remember, the order button will go live at exactly 12 Noon Pacific Time!Here is the link: Here's a summary of what you get with The Comprehensive Record Solution:Module 1: Encourage"Getting...
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Gifted Education and a Free Foreign Language Resource

Gifted Education and a Free Foreign Language Resource
I received a sweet note from a client, and she gave a wonderful review of a free homeschool resource for foreign language.  I thought it might encourage others, so I'm passing it along. Hi Lee,Thank you so much for focusing on high school, homeschool students! Your web site has been very valuable to me.  I am homeschooling a son who is profoundly gifted.  We are "refugees homeschoolers" - We always believed our son would be schooled...
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Recent Comments
Guest — Dawn
A word of caution. From what I could see, you are contacting live users on Mocha. Just make sure you are checking things out tho... Read More
Saturday, 04 September 2010 14:09
Guest — J W
WOW! I've been looking for something to do because everything we've tried so far just hasn't met our needs. Thanks!
Monday, 30 August 2010 20:42
Guest — Nicole
Thank you Lee! My 13 year old son took Spanish in 6th grade from a teacher he loved! She gave us a textbook and workbooks for him ... Read More
Monday, 30 August 2010 07:09
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Free Bible Curriculum!

Free Bible Curriculum!
Homeschooling is an investment in your children, but it doesn't mean it has to be a huge investment of money.  When you want to have a course called "Bible" all you really need is a Bible.  Count the hours you require of your high school students, and when you have 75-90 hours, call it a half credit class.  If you count 120-180 hours, call it a one credit class. If you would like some supplements to...
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Recent Comments
Guest — Lee
Nancy, You don't have to use a textbook or curriculum or book list. You can just use your Bible as the text. Estimate hours - 1... Read More
Thursday, 01 November 2012 12:16
Guest — Nancy
Do you just keep record of time read or what do you do with the Bible to count Bible as a credit?
Thursday, 01 November 2012 04:46
Guest — Janet
Amen and amen. All you need for "Bible" is a Bible. I've said that a few times and I think it confused people! Thank you!... Read More
Tuesday, 08 September 2009 04:41
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Turn Passion Into Homeschool High School Credit

Turn Passion Into Homeschool High School Credit
Let me demonstrate how to think through the process using the interest of the child and incorporating that into delight-directed learning.A homeschool boy loves the show "Warriors" on The History Channel and just can't get enough.  He read the hosts biography and has a desire to imitate his hero.  His mother wrote to me, looking for ways to translate this interest into "school."  Here are the suggestions I gave her.Dear [Gold Care Club Mom,]I don't think...
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Recent Comments
Guest — J W
Oh, and instead of a degree in anthropology, I'd recommend journalism or Radio-TV-Film with emphasis on TV documentaries (Universi... Read More
Thursday, 26 March 2009 18:49
Guest — J W
I presume the student has read Sun Tzu's book The Art of War? It's worth mentioning because it's an ancient classic still used to... Read More
Wednesday, 25 March 2009 22:07
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FREE Homeschooling High School Resource!

FREE Homeschooling High School Resource!
How do you teach writing a quick essay like the one on the SAT?  I like "501 Writing Prompts" by Learning Express.  It's short, inexpensive, concise - perfect for my family!  Thanks to a tip from a reader, I have found out that the book is available FREE for a short time!  (This book is no longer available.  Please find it on Amazon for under $10 here.)I want to encourage you to grab this free e-book while it...
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Recent Comments
Guest — Autumn Donaldson
Check your library's resource section (not their actual physical resources, but their online resources) - they often have free tes... Read More
Tuesday, 23 October 2012 10:30
Guest — Lisa
Thanks for the link. I saved a copy today.
Thursday, 19 March 2009 17:00
Guest — Lee
Thanks, Donna! I got so excited about it, I could hardly believe it! Blessings, Lee
Thursday, 19 March 2009 13:47
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Commit Your Plans to the Lord!

Commit Your Plans to the Lord!
"Commit to the Lord whatever you do, and your plans will succeed."Proverbs 16:3That's quite a promise there!  I love how the Bible says your PLANS will succeed.  He doesn't promise your CURRICULUM will succeed.  Chances are there will be some curriculum choices along the way that won't work.  The good news is that your plans will succeed when you commit what you do to the Lord.  "Here God, this is for you.  You carry the burden."Commit...
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Recent comment in this post
Guest — J W
Wow, I definitely wouldn't be able to go to a *real* conference this weekend, but the virtual conference will fit nicely around ev... Read More
Sunday, 27 July 2008 07:31
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  1 Comment

Talk Radio for Homeschool Current Events

Talk Radio for Homeschool Current Events
You want to cover current events, but you don't have the money for yet another curriculum purchase.  Have you considered talk radio?When my kids were in Junior High, we started to listen to talk radio when we were having lunch, and discussing the events they brought up.  It may depend on your local radio station, of course.  When I was considering the radio host, I was much more concerned with them being POLITE rather than having...
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Recent Comments
Guest — jessica
What is great about Boortz, even though he is inflammatory and rude, is what good humor he uses when disagreeing with his friends/... Read More
Friday, 18 July 2008 10:53
Guest — christy
That it exactly what we do. We don't have TV, no satellite, no reception otherwise, so the radio is it. Our oldest loves Borts an... Read More
Friday, 18 July 2008 05:31
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