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When to Teach Economics and Government

When to Teach Economics and Government
Economics and Government are usually each a semester course, so they are often done the same year. It doesn't need to be in a specific grade level. Th...
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Economics for Beginners

Economics for Beginners
My son has a degree in Political Economy, and has loved economics since he was a child. This post contains  affiliate links . If you click and buy I may make a few pennies, but not enough for a latte. Economics for Beginners When he was younger, my economics-loving son enjoyed the Penny Candy books in the Uncle Eric Series, written by Richard Maybury. These books come from a free market perspective and are politically conservative/libertarian. Many...
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Recent Comments
Deanna Pathio
What great-looking resources. I had no idea what to do with economics till I read this post. Thank you!
Saturday, 21 April 2018 19:37
Lee Binz
Thanks Deanna! I'm so glad it helped! Blessings, Lee
Saturday, 21 April 2018 21:51
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Social Studies for Dummies

Social Studies for Dummies
"Social Sciences"?  What does that even mean? What is the difference between history and social studies? Social sciences, or social studies, are actually a broader term having to do with human social interaction.  So it can include history, government, economics, psychology, and sociology. Some colleges might use the terms "Social Studies" and "History" interchangeably in their application requirements.  When they say they want to see four years (usually) of "social studies" or four years of "history"...
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Homeschool Economics - In a Box!

Homeschool Economics - In a Box!
My son, Alex is getting his degree in Political Economy, and he gave me the "thumbs up" on Economics in a Box .  It does look like a LOT of reading, so I don't think it would be a good fit if your child doesn't like reading or hates economics.  It's also coming from a distinctly free market perspective, which tends to be more conservative. It doesn't include a Biblical component, as well.  You might want...
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Passion Ebbs and Flows

Passion Ebbs and Flows
Identifying passion in your children is hard – even when they are standing still.  It's even more difficult when you realize that their passionate interests and pursuits will ebb and flow over time.  Like driftwood floating in the tide, sometimes it appears to be coming to shore, and other times it seems to be going out to sea!  Our children don't ever seem to stand still, and even their interests are a moving target. Now that...
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Speaking of Ponzi Schemes. . .

Speaking of Ponzi Schemes. . .
I found this is my "memoirs" folder on my computer.  It was written "a few years ago" about my younger son, the political economy major.  He certainly doesn't demonstrate ANY problems with reading comprehension anymore.  In fact, he just told us that he heard all the news about the book "Twilight" and decided that he was old enough to read it.  He read the entire series in two days, just before finals week.  (Begs the question,...
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How Did We Get Here?

How Did We Get Here?
Are you confused about the current economic crisis?  I certainly am!  I saw this YouTube video as I was doing some research, and it seemed to explain it in a way that I can understand.  This becomes a McCain ad somewhere around the 8:30 mark, so you may not want to watch through to the end, but the facts regarding the subprime mortgage business, and Fannie Mae/Freddie Mac are a matter of public record. I'm...
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When are we ever going to use this stuff?

When are we ever going to use this stuff?
How many times do parents hear that from their teenagers?  Watching the news last night, I was struck by how difficult it is to understand our current economic crisis.  I found myself wishing that I had paid more attention when my son Alex would ramble on and on about economics.  Some of the words sounded familiar (velocity, fiat money, etc.) but I don't know what any of those words actually mean. I guess you now know...
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Carpe Campbell's - Seize the Tomato!

Carpe Campbell's -  Seize the Tomato!
My son has a life-threating allergy to peanuts.  He is one of "those" kids.  When he was 18 months old, I had to come to grips with the fact that he might, at random, simply stop breathing for no good reason.  Last Friday night was one of those times.  This photo was taken in the emergency room, with him glowing-tomato red and itching like crazy.  It was very scary, but we were prepared with an epi-pen,...
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Must Do, May Do and Can't Stop Doing!

Must Do, May Do and Can't Stop Doing!
At this time of the year, friends are discussing their curriculum choices for next year. I have been asked by several people what we used during the high school years. Every child is unique, of course, but here is a snapshot of our freshman year: These are the things I made them do: American Literature & Composition (Sonlight 100) American History (Sonlight 100) Biology with Lab (Apologia) Algebra 1 (Jacob's Algebra) Fine Arts 1: American Art...
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