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Queen of Crime Course Title

Queen of Crime Course Title

What a great idea!  Take a classic book and turn it into a springboard for English and science!  Take a look at Debbies ideas about a class on Agatha Christie, and learn how to come up with creative, outside the box, class titles and course descriptions.

I am trying to come up with a great name for a course description I'm/we are currently working on with my daughter. She is going into 11th grade next year and is working on putting her learning plan together for next year. She would like to do a study on Agatha Christie the "Queen of Crime". We have started a web of ideas, but have just hit a wall with this course description. Ideas we have so far..... British Literature, Detective Fiction, forensic psychology, forensic science literature, forensic chemical analysis, forensic pharmacology and toxicology.  She is currently working on putting a reading together of her books to read through out the year. We were thinking of making this an integrated language arts class with maybe some science. We would love to hear any ideas you might have to give this class a great name. Thank you,

When you are putting together a class from scratch, sometimes it can help to see what other people are doing with the same topic.  I did a quick internet search to find another class based on Agatha Christie, and here are some things I found:
Danville Community College uses the course title: Detective Fiction University of Washington uses the course title: Reading Literature (Crime Fiction of the 19th and 20th Century) Wachusett Community College uses the course title: Mystery Fiction

For an English class, make sure you cover reading and writing, and that it takes at least 1 hour per day, 5 days a week, all school year.  Often English will take more than 1 hour, but I don't suggest more than 2 hours each day.  If your daughter likes reading, you might consider Learn to Write the Novel Way, so she can write her own mystery!

I like the idea of incorporating a study of forensic science. It's very popular these days, because of all the crime TV shows, so lots of high schools are including the subject. Here are some ideas:

For this to be a science class, make sure it takes 1 hour per day, 5 days a week, most of the school year.  Use the class title "Forensic Science with Lab" if you include chemistry or biology lab work.  I think there are some high school textbooks for this topic....  I'm not a fan of public school textbooks, but looking at one might give you some ideas for content and lab suggestions.

I hope that helps!

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Homeschooling Courses - Aim for Nursing!

Homeschooling Courses - Aim for Nursing!
Wondering what homeschooling courses might help a student who wants to become a nurse?

The more biology, chemistry and physics the better!  General bio, and chem are required, physics is sometimes required as well.  Having an AP test in one or all areas will help significantly. course in each area is a BIG deal.

The more math the better.  Pre-Calculus is good, but having Calculus before graduation is even better.  I recommend a Teaching Company Course we loved called Calculus Made Clear.  My children loved it so much they watched it repeatedly.  If your child is ahead in math, consider a good Statistics course, or use the Teaching Company Course called Statistics Made Clear as a math supplement or elective.

Find work or a volunteer position in a nursing environment somehow. Anything from volunteering at a hospital to doing summer camps for kids with medical interests.

Take physical education seriously. Nursing is a physical job, and some strength and fitness is required.  There are some specific PE subjects that can help prospective nurses.  All of these things can be taught within your normal physical education courses.  These topics include:

  1. Nutrition: I would use the Teaching Company Course called Nutrition Made Clear.

  2. First Aid:  Take a day-long first aid class or first-responder course through your local fire department or Red Cross.

  3. General Health:  I used the Total Health textbook.

  4. Sleep hygiene: The importance of sleep is remarkably important for all college students, but particularly for nurses who will eventually work odd  hours and crazy shifts.  At some point the student can do a research project on sleep.

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Can I Homeschool High School Using Online College Courses?

Can I Homeschool High School Using Online College Courses?
Is it reasonable to think I can completely school my high schooler doing online college courses for dual credit?  I figure that way all his work is documented.  We have always used Abeka, he will be a freshman in the fall and he tests very well each year on the CAT despite the fact that he spends half of the school year traveling and working with his truck driver dad. (I need to find the most efficient way to do high school as we are schooling 5/6 children, the 6th having special needs.)
~ Dorie

Hi Dorie,

It's certainly possible to homeschool high school with online college courses.  The only problem with that is making sure that your child is ready for COLLEGE courses.  Many times homeschoolers are so well educated at home, they are capable of homeschooling college courses toward the end of high school.  That gives you a great advantage, by the way, because college will cost less in the long run!

I have a webpage devoted to the concept of "homeschooling college."

Read it through, and see if it's a good fit for you.  My own children did have a year of college that they completed at home.  I know many people are successful with CollegePlus.  Here is the link CollegePlus.

So I guess the answer is YES!  It's possible!  But it's not right for everyone, and it depends a lot on your student.

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Creative Course Creations

Creative Course Creations
Do you ever feel like you're cheating when you create a high school course based on your child's special interests?  I know I did.  Two favorites from my children's transcripts were Critical Thinking in Chess and  Russian History.  I mean really.  Who was I kidding?

I just spent time with my lovely niece, driving to Oregon, and we were talking about her high school experience years ago.  I knew that her father had taught a class on The History of Baseball, and that's one of the things that I share in my "Preparing to Homeschool High School" video.  But when we were talking the other day, my niece mentioned that she had taken a different class from her father when she was in public high school.  The class was called "Sports Communications."   They learned about journalism, radio broadcasting, and marketing - all of which she has put to good use in her career, by the way.  But what she remembered the most was watching a LOT of movies in school and doing some sports "play by play" announcing to baseball games!  Her father gave her a grade - an "A" as she recalled.

It's OK to have some unique courses in your homeschool.  Yes, make sure you have the basics down, but stretching your wings is also good!

There is freedom in independent homeschooling!

I'm working on first e-book.  The working title is "The Art of the Homeschool Transcript."  I'm very excited!  I hope it will help and encourage a lot of people.  More details to follow.
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Feeling Overwhelmed with Homeschooling High School?

Feeling Overwhelmed with Homeschooling High School?
Angela says >>>My oldest is just going into 9th grade and I feel completely overwhelmed and out of my depth. <<<

And that, my friend, is why I allowed my pleasantly-plumpness to be filmed for the "Preparing to Homeschool High School" DVD!  I had been consulting with local clients, and going into their homes to encourage them as they enter high school.  It's a 3 hour conversation, and I go over everything you need to know about how to "do" high school:  tests, courses, grades, etc.  But when I started getting calls from other parts of the country, I knew I had to help.  So, diet or not, I taped myself giving that three hour presentation - just for folks like you!  I really think it will help you feel knowledgeable and confident.  That 3-dvd set has a coupon on my newsletter.  Here is a link to read more, and see what others think of that product:

Looking for some great homeschooling resources for next year? Check out the new page on my website on homeschooling resources. Click on the selections to go directly to Amazon to purchase!
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