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Surprise! Course Descriptions Needed Early!

Surprise! Course Descriptions Needed Early!
The trials and tribulations of having a gifted child...  It's not as easy as it may sound to others.  Surprises happen.  And you know, surprises are rarely convenient! For example, Lauren was surprised to find out she needed a transcript and course descriptions for her 14 year old, but it really paid off! I wanted to tell you that my oldest son just was accepted to the dual enrollment program at Georgia Perimeter College. Here in...
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Amazing Records! A Model for Others!

Amazing Records! A Model for Others!
Lisa was so excited to take her son to college this fall. I often hear stories of "Shock and Awe" and Lisa has a great one! The college loved her homeschool records so much, they asked to use them as an example for other homeschoolers! Dear Lee, We dropped my son off at NU Wednesday. During the registration process, one of the check in location representatives stopped me and said, "Your documents for your son when...
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Queen of Crime Course Title

Queen of Crime Course Title
What a great idea!  Take a classic book and turn it into a springboard for English and science!  Take a look at Debbies ideas about a class on Agatha Christie , and learn how to come up with creative, outside the box, class titles and course descriptions. I am trying to come up with a great name for a course description I'm/we are currently working on with my daughter. She is going into 11th grade next...
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Transcripts or Course Descriptions?

Transcripts or Course Descriptions?
    Although most homeschool students utilize transcripts for college admissions, many students are also now submitting a homeschool portfolio when they apply to colleges.  What’s the difference, and why should you use a portfolio?  In general, a transcript is a one-page piece of paper that gives a college the opportunity to get a snapshot of your student, and decide whether they get a thumbs-up or a thumbs-down on admissions.  A portfolio, also known as a...
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Homeschooling High School - The Difference Between Transcripts and Course Descriptions

Homeschooling High School - The Difference Between Transcripts and Course Descriptions
We all want to be ahead of the game, especially when making homeschool transcripts.  Knowing the difference between transcripts and course descriptions can help you get started with this important paperwork. “Honey, There’s a Crazed Mob of Scholarship Wielding Colleges Pounding on Our Front Door!!” Get the Comprehensive Record Solution!  
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Homeschooling High School: Course Descriptions for Visual Learners

Homeschooling High School: Course Descriptions for Visual Learners
I'm a visual learner. Show me an example, and I can usually imitate it (unless technology stands in my way.)  Are you a visual thinker?  What would you like to see? "I'm a visual thinker and I guess I need to SEE a piece of paper as to how the course descriptions are laid out and formatted. Do you have a format?" ~ Maria Here are some links for visual learners who want to see a...
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"Please pass the course descriptions"

"Please pass the course descriptions"
Course descriptions are like mashed potatoes. I always think of the strangest metaphors, don't I?  And you can certainly tell I'm in the kitchen a lot these days!  But think about it..... For mashed potatoes, you don't just throw a bag of potatoes into the water.  Each potato has to be individually washed, peeled, and cut.  You don't just mash them, either.  You add flavorings; milk, butter, sour cream or cream cheese.  Presentation matters, too.  You...
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Course Descriptions - Help is On the Way!

Course Descriptions - Help is On the Way!
I've been getting a lot of questions about course descriptions. People are asking me to create an e-book on creating a student comprehensive record, with downloadable templates for the course descriptions.  I do have a paperback, spiral bound book of course descriptions available now.  That book, the Comprehensive Record Solution , does have my ENTIRE homeschool records for one of my children.  That can be a great help when you are working on your own course...
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Homeschool Record Keeping Success!

Homeschool Record Keeping Success!
I met a friend in the grocery store today.  Her son had just finished his first year in college.  A year ago, she and I had spent an hour going over her homeschool records.  We talked about the transcript and how to write course descriptions.  I made suggestions and recommendations, but she did all the work - I only spent an hour with her!  But it gave her what she needed to write a 16 page...
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