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Colleges That Throw Money at You!

Colleges That Throw Money at You!
In my "Big Scholarships" video, I discuss aiming towards a college that will pay you money to go there. Find a college where your child is the best applicant they see all year, and they will throw money at you :-) Of course, it's always difficult to balance the academic needs against the financial needs, and that's why applying to LOTS of colleges can help. How do you find a college that will be the "love...
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CLEP Study Recommendations

CLEP Study Recommendations
When we did CLEP, I preferred using the Official Study Guide by College Board® as a entry-level "can we pass this" assessment. Here is the link: I chose that book because it had a sample test from EVERY CLEP, and we were just looking for an overview assessment at that time. I usually prefer Princeton Review study materials for everything, but in this one instance it seemed like the Official Study Guide worked better for us....
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Homeschooling the Profoundly Gifted

Homeschooling the Profoundly Gifted
Janel in North Dakota met me at a homeschool convention, and we shared our worries about homeschooling profoundly gifted children. If you are dealing with a gifted child, you may want to see my web pages that are devoted to just those concerns. I wish I would have had someone to talk to when I was in Janel's position! It really IS difficult to know what to do with a profoundly gifted child. I do have...
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Homeschooling College - One great way to evaluate a college

Homeschooling College - One great way to evaluate a college
<<< This mother was asking how to find a good college for her daughter that wants a PhD in Biology. She was asking for a school in New Jersey, and I don't know the schools in that area. I was able to give her some general advice, though. >>>If you are asking about undergraduate schools, make sure you compare their graduate school admission rates. One local school has a medical or law school admission rate of...
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Home School Education - Need Help Finding a College?

Home School Education - Need Help Finding a College?
It's hard to have a high school Junior! Even when they want to go to college, they sometimes lack motivation to research the possibilities. There is a new website designed to help. Seattle PI reporter Amy Rolph writes "A new Web site was introduced with the intended purpose of making it easier for the next class of freshmen to pick the right college." Read her article here, or go directly to the U-CAN website and see...
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Home School Education - Homeschool College this Summer!

Home School Education - Homeschool College this Summer!
Right there on the brochure it said: "Who takes CLEP? A homeschooled 15-year-old." I felt somewhat reassured when I walked into the test center, knowing that my son couldn't be THAT unusual, since his demographic was right on the brochure. And imagine my surprise! Within the month, my son obtained college credit in "Principles of Marketing" and "Business Law" and yet I had never purchased marketing or law curriculum! How does that happen, exactly? As a...
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Homeschool Transcript Tip

Homeschool Transcript Tip
This is the time of year when parents put the finishing touches on their transcripts. Remember that colleges need to see a "Graduation Date" on your transcript. You also need to update their final grades and GPA. If the student has been admitted to college, you need to mail the final transcript after graduation.
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