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Online College or Diploma Mill?

Online College or Diploma Mill?
Have ever heard of Western Governors University? It's an all online non-profit college. And, if so, then any opinions would be great. ~Christine Dear Christine,I haven't heard of it before. For an all-online college, I would lean heavily on a college with a reputable brick-and-mortar presence (like Thomas Jefferson, Regent University in Virginia, etc) or a college that comes highly recommended by CollegePlus!  There is a risk of stumbling upon a diploma mill otherwise, which can...
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Guest — Aadel in KS
Western Governors University is legit! They are the only online college that is able to offer teacher's licensure NCATE approved!... Read More
Monday, 28 February 2011 06:34
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Convention "must-haves" list

Convention "must-haves" list
Michele was kind enough to send me a note about how my book Setting the Records Straight has encouraged her in the last year.  She met me at the Midwest Homeschool Convention in Cincinnati last year. I already have the "Setting the Records Straight" book (and love your fun photos), but I can pass the coupon along to someone else.  I've talked other homeschoolers into buying this book for themselves, and actually a few other parents...
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Living Books for Homeschool College Preparation

Living Books for Homeschool College Preparation
Cori and I chatted about literature-based curriculum, and she had a follow up question about using living books. Lee, you wrote: "We used a literature based curriculum for high school, and my children read TONS of books in high school.   What does literature-based learning look like in the REAL world, where parents are faced with the demands of homeschooling, housework, and household economics?"   Where should I look to find out exactly how you did this please? ...
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Going to College? Invest In Wisdom

Going to College?  Invest In Wisdom
I was reading through Proverbs, looking for some direct instruction about finances, and I stumbled upon something very interesting.  Read these scripture verses, and see if you notice a theme: Blessed is the man who finds wisdom,the man who gains understanding,for she is more profitable than silverand yields better returns than gold. (Proverbs 3:13-14) Choose my instruction instead of silver,knowledge rather than choice gold (Proverbs 8:10) How much better to get wisdom than gold, to choose...
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Guest — Annie Kate
Hi Lee, You make a point here, but do remember that a lot of what is taught at many colleges and universities is NOT wisdom but u... Read More
Monday, 01 March 2010 03:43
Guest — Cathy Hilde
Excellent Lee!! What a wonderful post. Cathy
Sunday, 28 February 2010 23:56
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College Scholarships Result From Preparation

College Scholarships Result From Preparation
My client Ann just heard that her son was admitted to his first choice college, accepted into the honors program, and awarded a $14,000. It's so exciting to see her having such great success while it's only mid-October! The first awards you hear about are often just the beginning, and I'm sure the family has more aid coming.  Need based money and more specific scholarships come later, but this is a great, great start! I know...
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Consumer Math or Algebra 2?

Consumer Math or Algebra 2?
Traci asks:  Our daughter has taken Algebra I and Geometry.  She would really like to take Consumer Math, and begin a small online business, instead of taking Algebra II.  My question is:  How does this look to colleges?  It seems that when I look at what everyone else is doing, they always include those 3 maths. Tracy,If your daughter wants to go to college, then Algebra 2 would be very important.  It's extremely helpful to take...
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Guest — Me
Hey I took Consumer math instead and still got accepted to a University!
Monday, 07 May 2018 23:11
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This Is My Guinea Pig...

This Is My Guinea Pig...
Becky asked me to look over her high school plan for 9th grade, as she is trying to prepare her son for college, adding "This is my guinea first of 4 to go this far so I'd appreciate advice from those who have been here. "Dear Becky,Be brave!  Your plan sounds wonderful to me, but you know best - you really do!  Sonlight 100 is great, Apologia Biology is wonderful.  Reading and writing is critical,...
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Heart of the Matter Virtual Conference Starts Tomorrow!

Heart of the Matter Virtual Conference Starts Tomorrow!
I'm so excited!  The conference starts tomorrow! Please click here to read all the details.  I will be speaking on Making a Transcript on Friday from 1:45 - 2:45 (PST) and College Preparation on Saturday from 10 - 11 (PST).  The speaker schedule noted on the website is all in Eastern Standard Time so be careful!  I wouldn't want you to miss these important talks.  This is my first online homeschool conference.   I hope I am...
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Homeschooling High School? Start Here!

Homeschooling High School? Start Here!
Amazing FREE 5-Part Mini-Course Reveals: "The 5 Biggest Mistakes Parents Make When Homeschooling High School" Click Here To Get FREE Mini-Course Welcome! Get your homeschooling high school questions answered here!  High school transcripts, record keeping, grades, credits, course planning and college admissions - I'm here to address your concerns. Email me your questions and be sure you subscribe to this blog because I update the content daily.  Enjoy your visit!
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Guest — Miss Jocelyn
Hello there, the Team at the HSBA Post would like to congratulate you on being one of the 2008 winners! Please read more here: h... Read More
Wednesday, 26 November 2008 13:43
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