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Going to College? Invest In Wisdom

Going to College?  Invest In Wisdom
I was reading through Proverbs, looking for some direct instruction about finances, and I stumbled upon something very interesting.  Read these scripture verses, and see if you notice a theme: Blessed is the man who finds wisdom,the man who gains understanding,for she is more profitable than silverand yields better returns than gold. (Proverbs 3:13-14) Choose my instruction instead of silver,knowledge rather than choice gold (Proverbs 8:10) How much better to get wisdom than gold, to choose...
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Guest — Annie Kate
Hi Lee, You make a point here, but do remember that a lot of what is taught at many colleges and universities is NOT wisdom but u... Read More
Monday, 01 March 2010 03:43
Guest — Cathy Hilde
Excellent Lee!! What a wonderful post. Cathy
Sunday, 28 February 2010 23:56
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What is a Homeschool Friendly College?

What is a Homeschool Friendly College?
Home School Legal Defense (HSLDA) does a wonderful job of explaining what it means to be a homeschool friendly college.  In general, a homeschool friendly college is one that treats a homeschool applicant the same as a public school applicant. Your child would be requested to take the exact same tests as any other student - more tests are not required of a homeschool applicant.  Some colleges say they are homeschool friendly, when in reality they...
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Accredited Transcripts?

Accredited Transcripts?
Today, more colleges than ever are homeschool friendly, and homeschool friendly colleges do not require an accredited transcript.  Even the military academies understand that a homeschool transcript will not be accredited.   Usually a college will understand a transcript that a parent makes for their child and will often accept such non-accredited transcripts.  If they don't, colleges will often offer an alternative to an accredited transcript, like a GED® or other testing.  After all, some public high...
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Thanksgiving Menu for Admissions

Thanksgiving Menu for Admissions
Preparing your menu for admissions is a lot like preparing for Thanksgiving.  It takes time and effort to prepare scrumptious and eye-pleasing presentations.  If you are thinking about Thanksgiving, let me share my menu with you.  If you are thinking about college admission, I'll give you my menu for that as well! For Thanksgiving, I'm having 10 people I dearly love for dinner, and I want it to look great and taste wonderful.  Here is the...
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Why Seniors Should Apply to College NOW!

Why Seniors Should Apply to College NOW!
I like reading the articles on Fastweb.  Let me just share some choice sentences with you:"But most scholarships and financial aid are awarded through universities, and those decisions are often made before the final application deadline."From "The Time is Now to Look for Colleges: High School Juniors Should Get Started, Especially If They Want Funding"Register at to read the articleOr how about this:"But people who apply by Thanksgiving have the best shot at scholarships and...
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College Scholarships Result From Preparation

College Scholarships Result From Preparation
My client Ann just heard that her son was admitted to his first choice college, accepted into the honors program, and awarded a $14,000. It's so exciting to see her having such great success while it's only mid-October! The first awards you hear about are often just the beginning, and I'm sure the family has more aid coming.  Need based money and more specific scholarships come later, but this is a great, great start! I know...
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First Choice College for NMSQT

First Choice College for NMSQT
** Lisa had some questions about the National Merit Scholarship Qualifying Test (NMSQT)***Dear Lisa, Congratulations about being National Merit Scholarship Qualifiers! Wow, that's a big deal! Both of my boys were commended students, so we didn't actually go through the scholarship selection process. Even commendation was a big deal for college merit aid - so good job! You have probably seen already that the National Merit is a difficult and complex scholarship to apply for, and...
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Foreign Language Tutor?

Foreign Language Tutor?
I searched for a tutor to supplement our foreign language, but I never found one that I could afford. If you can find one, a tutor can provide the missing ingredient for some kids. A classroom setting can go too fast or too slow, but it may help some kids. If you take a class at a community college, however, be VERY careful about it. Sometimes those classes add a level of foreign "culture" that you...
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