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Start a Business and Change the World

Start a Business and Change the World
Does your teen have big ideas but you’re not sure how to help make them happen? Do you encourage your teen to change the world but don’t know exactly how? According to the Kauffman Foundation, 54 percent of millennials either want to start a business...
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The Great Courses: Honors, or Just High School Credit?

The Great Courses: Honors, or Just High School Credit?
Homeschoolers use lots of different resources, and one of the ones I’ve recommended in the past are The Great Courses.  With choices in science, mathematics, business and economics (just to name a few), many homeschoolers are utilizing these classes.  Parents have asked me whether the Great Courses should be considered AP Honor’s classes or high school level, but it really depends on how you utilize them.

Obviously, the high school courses they offer are high school level. There are two ways to think about how to put one of those courses on the transcript: one method is to count the number of hours that you spend listening to lectures.  For instance, if you combine a bunch of different classes on a history topic and you end up having 120-180 hours, then that would be your history class and you’d give your student one high school credit for history.

A second method is to determine how much your student actually learned from the course, measured by whether they can pass an AP or CLEP test. If they pass one of those tests, then you could call it an honor’s class. Indicating an AP course on a transcript is kind of frowned upon, because the letters “AP” have been copyrighted by the College Board and they do not like it when you put “AP Course” on a transcript.

The easiest way to reflect college-knowledge is to label a course an honor’s course, such as ‘Honor’s History’. If they’ve taken an AP test, then you can put that test score on the transcript, which would show their college-level learning.


What's your favorite homeschool curriculum resource?

When you are applying for colleges, you will need a great homeschool transcript.  The good news is you can “do-it-yourself” and save thousands.  Discover the Total Transcript Solution.
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We Won Best Homeschool Business Blog!

We Won Best Homeschool Business Blog!
I'm so excited to announce that I have won the Homeschool Blog Awards Best Curriculum or Business Blog 2009

Heather notified me that I had won, and said:
Attached is a Graphic that my children and I made when we did the stuffed animal drawing for the Homeschool Blog Awards. Each blogger was assigned an animal to represent them and we wrote out the prizes on slips of paper and drew for the animals. The kids enjoyed taking photos of the animals and watching mom create graphics. We would love it if you would use the graphic in your post when you get your prizes or just telling about what you won. It would make my kids feel special.

Isn't this a cute little stuffed animal?  I have to admit, it did give my husband and I the giggles, thinking that I was represented by a COW!!!  LOLOL!!!   But it's adorable!    Here are the prizes that I won:


  • 25$ Amazon Gift Cert

  • Red River Paper 40$

  • Patchwork Quilt Tic Tac Toe

  • 20$ in MindBites Lessons

  • Heart of the Matter Online Homeschool Conference Tickets for 2010

  • The Old Schoolhouse - 1 Year Magazine Subscription

It was fun to be able to participate, and I'm thrilled to win!  We work very hard on our blog, posting almost every day, and it was so nice to feel supported and encouraged.  Thank you to everyone who voted for us!

I've recently been connecting with friends on LinkedIn.  I invite you to send me an invitation if you want to connect with my business.
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Homeschooling College?

Homeschooling College?
Do you know why I'm so sure that anyone can homeschool high school?  It's because some families actually homeschool through COLLEGE!  We did it ourselves, and homeschooled a year of college before my children graduated high school.  Here is my "dig deeper" website about homeschooling college.

Some families homeschool college easily.  Other parents prefer having some guidance and support. If you want support with homeschooling college, I recommend CollegePlus!  They are having a free seminar to describe their services.  This free webinar will be Tuesday, January 20, 2009 at 6 PM Pacific time.  Here is the link to register:

You can get more information about College Plus! by clicking this link.   Request the free information.  It clearly describes their methods for helping students homeschool college.  
This is a joint seminar with a business adviser named Steven Beck.  Steve Beck's business plan has helped us develop our small home-based business into a.... well... larger home-based business!  If you have or are considering a business at home, you may want to check out "The Couple Next Door" and see if their business courses will help your family as well.  Here is the link.   Grab the free videos, they will open your eyes!

Remember, homeschooling high school can't be so hard, if people are homeschooling college as well!

Will you be my friend?  Follow me on Twitter and Facebook!
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The HomeScholar on YouTube!

The HomeScholar on YouTube!
I spoke at a co-op and posted a snippet on YouTube.  I thought you might enjoy seeing it.

Make sure to subscribe to my video clips on YouTube.  I will continue to place more out there.  Comment, rate or otherwise let me know if you enjoy them!  Thanks!
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