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5 Tips for a Balanced Summer

5 Tips for a Balanced Summer
Want to learn how to remain sane AND retain skills? When my kids were in middle school and high school, we did just a bit of structured school each da...
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How To Avoid a Crazy Busy Life.

How To Avoid a Crazy Busy Life.
How do you avoid a crazy busy life? With these 7 easy steps! Take a moment to evaluate your homeschool, so you aren't expecting too much of your child...
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Strategies for Creating Homeschool Balance

Strategies for Creating Homeschool Balance
Strategies for Creating Homeschool Balance What does doing too much look like? Doing too much is when you feel completely overwhelmed; it’s when you, your husband, and your children are tired all the time, you're terribly behind and can’t possibly catch up, or the curriculum is incredibly intense.On the other hand, some parents do too little. Doing too little is when you don’t seem to get to reading, writing, or math, or all the children want...
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Recent Comments
Guest — Ashley Wright
Great post! It's really difficult to know if you’re doing too much, too little, or just the right amount of schoolwork in your hom... Read More
Thursday, 11 August 2016 23:28
Guest — Assistant to The HomeScholar
We definitely hope so, Ashley! Blessings, Robin Assistant to The HomeScholar
Friday, 12 August 2016 14:59
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How to Find Your Homeschool Balance

How to Find Your Homeschool Balance
How to Find Your Homeschool Balance Are you finding it hard to juggle everything in your home and homeschool? Click on this week's video, below (or here) for tips on how to keep your homeschool balance!What do you struggle with in your home or homeschool? Please share! Subscribe to my YouTube channel. You will be notified when I create new videos on homeschool high school topics!Are you thinking about plans for the next school year? Check...
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  • Important FAFSA Facts for Homeschoolers

    Each year, the government doles out 150 billion dollars in education grants. Almost everyone can get some kind of aid, whether it's in the form of grants, loans, or work-study, whether it's from the government or from schools. All of this is determined by your answers to the FAFSA, the Free Application for Federal Student Aid. 

    There's a myth out

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  • 15 Reasons to Make a Homeschool Transcript

    A homeschool transcript is part of your child's educational background that you will have to provide when you help them go through the college admissions process. When you homeschool, part of what you are signing up for is documenting your child's educational experiences. It's all part and parcel of the whole genie gig, as they say on Aladdin.

    Some parents
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  • Letting Go After Homeschooling High School

    When did my baby grow up? A question every parent asks as they send their child off to college or as they launch them into life. As we are homeschooling high school, every parent processes the feelings of letting go differently. Whether you struggle with the process or not, you may be sad, glad, or simply relieved.

    One thing homeschoolers have

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  • 10 Ways to Advance Your Homeschool Skills with Professional Development

    Kelly was taking one of my free classes and explained her commitment to quality continuing education. She wrote, "I set time aside a minimum of 3 hours a week for my professional  development which includes research, project planning, transcripts, etc."  

    I can almost guarantee that Kelly will be successful. That's how I became successful, and how my kids earned

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