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What to Submit with Your College Application

What to Submit with Your College Application
The college admission process can be a long and grueling process, filled with strange forms and processes that you haven't heard of before. All this can feel pretty overwhelming, which is why we are putting together a new Solution product to hel...
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Homeschoolers - Apply and Shine!

Homeschoolers - Apply and Shine!
In this article you can see how a normal homeschooled teen can apply to college and shine link diamonds!

"Home-schooled college applicants rely on essays, interviews"

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When is a Credit More than a Credit?

When is a Credit More than a Credit?
Is it more than a credit if you spend more than an hour a day?

Most high school credits are just ONE credit, and it's very unusual to have a class be a higher credit value than that.  If you have a child that is either working slowly or exhibiting great interest in a subject, they can sometimes rack up huge number of hours for each class.  Instead of increasing the credit value, consider using that piece of information in other ways.  It can help you identify a grade (look at how consistently they work!  Look at the effort and time they spend on the subject!)  It can help you identify characteristics in your child as well - characteristics that they can mention during college applications!  "I spent hours working every math problem in the book, determined to master the subject well before moving on."  Doesn't that sound like a POSITIVE message to give colleges?

In every school environment (public, private, and homeschool) kids will learn at different rates.  Some will take longer than others, and that's OK!  One of the very BEST things about homeschooling is the ability for each student to work at their own level, and their own speed, and achieve understanding before moving on.

But if it were me, I wouldn't give them more than one high school credit per class.

"We're Number 2, We're Number 2!!" We've made a strong move up to second place in the Best Business Blog category of the 2008 Homeschool Blog Awards.  We are now just 5 votes behind the leader!  Let's push Lee over the top today!  In addition, we have gotten up off the seventh place sofa for Best Encourager and are now in a strong 4th place.  Still a long way from the leader in that category.  Please take a few seconds to vote today!  Thanks!  Matt
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Homeschooler in Cadet Honor Society!

Homeschooler in Cadet Honor Society!
My friend shared a wonderful accomplishment.  Her son Landon is 15 yo son has been inducted as a member of the Cadet Honor Society.  Read about this homeschoolers accomplishment.

There are so many wonderful ways to encourage the unique strengths of your child!  Check out the Civil Air Patrol Cadet programand Sea Cadets, too .

Aren't these great ideas for teens!  Did you know they can also help you with college admission?  They make wonderful and compelling stories for college application essays.  Write down these wonderful experiences, so that you can add them to their "activity list" on college applications.

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