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Devastating Test Results: Test Canceled and Scores Lost

Devastating Test Results: Test Canceled and Scores Lost
Plan ahead to avoid devastating  test  results . Whether your child is a super-smart, gifted test -taker, or struggling test -o-phobe, there...
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Online Classes, Community College, AP, or CLEP?

Online Classes, Community College, AP, or CLEP?
Are you wondering just what to do next? There are so many options for your homeschooled child! I remember what it felt like to worry around in circles over these options! Choosing between community college , AP courses , CLEP exams , online classes, and other options depends on your child. I have recommended each option to different homeschoolers. When you're making the decision for your family, take a step back and think about what your goals...
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High School Testing Help

High School Testing Help
Understanding the common high school tests can save you real money right now - saving thousands of dollars on college. In my online training resource, “High School Testing” I compare major high school tests, discusses general strategies & study tips, and shares how my sons homeschooled one year of college using CLEP exams. This great resource, which includes a video, audio transcription, handouts and an ebook, will help you understand and navigate the following tests: SAT...
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OpenCourseWare for Homeschoolers

OpenCourseWare for Homeschoolers
In the realm of online learning, “OpenCourseWare” is the new kid on the block, one worth checking into if you have a homeschool student who does well with virtual classes.  OpenCourseWare (OCW) includes coursework and materials shared freely with anyone via the Internet. Universities such as MIT, UC Berkeley, Stanford, and Harvard, to name a few, all offer OCW, although there is no credit conferred for completion of any courses. I think it’s wonderful that these...
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CLEP, AP, or Community College?

CLEP, AP, or Community College?
When you are looking at using CLEP, AP, or Community College, you may wonder which one is best.  "Best" is not always easy to decipher. I'll tell you the big truth about all of this:  it depends on the college your child will ultimately attend.  If you ask 10 different colleges, you might get 10 different answers.  Some very prestigious colleges feel the same way about AP exams and community college classes.  It's almost impossible to...
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How Do You Teach the Creation-Evolution Debate?

How Do You Teach the Creation-Evolution Debate?
Do not shy away from the creation-evolution debate. While not critical to teach to younger children, high school students need to have some understanding on both sides of the debate.  Although we didn't shy away from the debate in our homeschool, I wish I had covered the topic even more. Students need to become informed so they can provide reasoned arguments  for their beliefs. Without understanding the issues, they can't reasonably form their own belief system. They need...
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CLEP and AP - What is the Difference?

CLEP and AP - What is the Difference?
  Can you share info about CLEP vs. AP?  Which do colleges like to see more.  What is the difference?  I am totally confused.  Thanks. ~ Chris in Indiana Dear Chris, CLEP and AP are both college level subject tests.  Some colleges will accept AP but not CLEP, some colleges will accept CLEP but not AP.  Some colleges accept both and some don't like either one!  So you can't really say which one colleges in general...
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AP, CLEP or Community College: Which is Best?

AP, CLEP or Community College:  Which is Best?
Which is best? AP, CLEP, or community college?  It probably depends on who you ask.  Each college will have their own unique policy for each option.  One college may accept AP and not community college.  One may accept CLEP by not AP.  Colleges are unique in every way, but they are "frustratingly unique" when it comes to admission, placement, and transfer credits with AP, CLEP, and Community College courses. You can be prepared by learning about...
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Give 110% to the College of your Choice!

Give 110% to the College of your Choice!
Karen asks: " I wonder if you could post something explaining the shift of colleges from a 4.0 grading scale to the whatever-it-is-now! I can't understand why a 4.0 student now is not the top of his class, and how this all fits into meeting college requirements for seniors." Back in the good ol' days, giving 100% meant giving it your all. And back in the good ol' days, getting a 4.0 in high school was...
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Homeschooling High School? Start Here!

Homeschooling High School? Start Here!
Amazing FREE 5-Part Mini-Course Reveals: "The 5 Biggest Mistakes Parents Make When Homeschooling High School" Click Here To Get FREE Mini-Course Welcome! Get your homeschooling high school questions answered here!  High school transcripts , record keeping , grades, credits, course planning and college admissions - I'm here to address your concerns. Email me your questions and be sure you subscribe to this blog because I update the content daily.  Enjoy your visit!
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Home School Education - Is the AP or CLEP Exam Better for Homeschoolers?

Home School Education - Is the AP or CLEP Exam Better for Homeschoolers?
>>>>Can you compare AP and CLEP exams? Why did you choose CLEP?<<<< AP tests are much longer, more expensive, and have ambiguous essay questions that irritated me. I chose to use CLEP exams because they took MUCH less time per test, were a little less expensive, and they were all multiple choice. You know "math & science Lee", always looking for those right-or-wrong answers! AP tests are longer, so they have lots more questions. Since the...
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