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Top 10 Pieces of Advice from 2018

Top 10 Pieces of Advice from 2018
Did 2018 come and go as fast for you as it did for me!? I can't believe we've begun a new year already. In looking back over 2018, I've pulled my top ...
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Slow Down and Savor Homeschooling [This is not a race after all]

Slow Down and Savor Homeschooling [This is not a race after all]
Homeschooling is not a race to the finish. It's a time of life to relish and enjoy your child and the journey, and savor homeschooling. Most parents a...
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Fee Waivers for Tests and Applications

Fee Waivers for Tests and Applications
Homeschooling isn't cheap.  We pay for our own curriculum, supplies, and teacher manuals.  It doesn't get cheaper as kids get older, either!  For some families, finances are a HUGE issue, even while they are committed to homeschooling through high school.  Here is some helpful advice for these parents who are thinking about college admission. Two important truths Homeschoolers tend to be single-income families. Homeschoolers love to save money. Two important expenses SAT and ACT tests are...
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Don't give up, Elijah School districts can be really difficult. Do you have an advocate on staff at school? A teacher or guidance... Read More
Thursday, 12 September 2019 22:27
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Considering Homeschooling?

Considering Homeschooling?
What advice would you give to a mom who is considering homeschooling?  These are comments from my  Facebook  friends.  What do YOU tell someone who is thinking about homeschooling for the first time? Diane Don't be too hard on your kids. it's all going to be fine. if you are stressed, they'll be stressed. Dianne You don't have to do it all, you don't have to be perfect, and your kids will learn anyway and be...
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Two Notes of Encouragement

Two Notes of Encouragement
Here are two notes I received this last week that I thought were so encouraging.  I hope you will take their advice and discover how I can help you homeschool high school. Lee, Thank you so much for taking the time to compile these resources for me. They are, alternatively, eye-opening, encouraging, and down right exciting. I am seeing a lot of potential avenues to prepare my son for a positive college experience. I'm so glad...
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The HomeScholar can dish it out...but she can't take it!

The HomeScholar can dish it out...but she can't take it!
I feel very put in my place.  Ashamed.  A little embarrassed, actually. I feel like I spend half my day telling parents to calm down, and not stress over the tiny details about course descriptions.  After all, is anyone REALLY going to go over it with a fine tooth comb AND a microscope? Well, I can dish it out, but I can't take it.  I was massively stressing over the cover for my new book.  I...
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You are the Decider!

You are the Decider!
Being an expert on something is a funny thing.  People look to me for brilliant advice on situations that just a couple of years ago would have brought me to tears.  Perhaps having a bit of distance between then and now has given me some better perspective.  One thing to remember, though.  There is one thing that you are absolutely the world's top expert in...YOUR CHILD!  You are the parent, you love your child, and you...
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Homeschooling - What to do about a critical husband

Homeschooling - What to do about a critical husband
>>>>This woman wanted suggestions on how to respond to her husband, who was critical of her homeschool. It seemed that he was complaining that she wasn't doing enough, even though she was working 4-5 hours per day on school with her elementary age students.<<<< Hi Becky, I'm sorry! This is a difficult situation. It's a rough one for a committed Mom. What if you asked your husband what he WANTS you to do for homeschool. What...
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