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Why Write Course Descriptions for your Homeschool High School Records

Why Write Course Descriptions for your Homeschool High School Records
Why write a course description?Some colleges will ask for them and some will not.  There are a few situations when course descriptions are extremely important.1. When applying to a very selective college.2. When parents can't afford college.3. When the child wants to go to only ONE college.In each of those situations, providing detailed homeschool records can improve your child's chances of admission and scholarships.The transcript is the bare minimum requirement (there are VERY few that don't...
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Are You an Assertive Homeschooler?

Are You an Assertive Homeschooler?
It never hurts to ask.  If you are denied admission because of homeschooling, be assertive, and ask tough questions!  Socially active parents can change admission policy, as I have written in the past.  If you get a barricade, and it looks like bricks, it may not be an impenetrable as it appears. Ask questions.  See second opinions.  Demonstrate facts.  Don't panic! I am planning on attending Technical College in January, but unfortunately the women over admissions...
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Guest — Tweets that mention What should a #homeschool parent do when their kid is denied admission? #homeschool --
[...] This post was mentioned on Twitter by Lee Binz, Lee Binz. Lee Binz said: What should a #homeschool parent do when their kid ... Read More
Tuesday, 28 December 2010 08:45
Guest — Dawn
Good to know that being assertive can get things done. Our 16yr old begins Running Start at the community college in one week and ... Read More
Tuesday, 28 December 2010 08:39
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Homeschool Grades - Are You Too Tough?

Homeschool Grades - Are You Too Tough?
Do you grade too hard?  Or too easy?In my blog post about Reconsidering Homeschool Grades, one mother shared her experience: It is so amazing that I came across this article today because if you had published this last month I would have just ignored it, but it just so happens a college admissions officer came to visit our co-op and said these very words! She said that homeschool transcripts lacked courses designated “Honors” or “Advanced”. She...
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It's College Fair Time!

It's College Fair Time!
Put that College Fair on the Calendar!It's college fair season, and it's time to get that responsibility on your calendar before it gets full!  Attending a college fair is a key to finding a college, and I strongly recommend that every homeschooler attends a college fair in Junior Year.  I think they are great for freshmen, fabulous for sophomore and seniors, but should be required for Juniors.  One of the major tasks of Junior year is...
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Socially Active Homeschoolers Change College Admission Policy

Socially Active Homeschoolers Change College Admission Policy
Here is the problem.  Colleges all have very unique, very different policies from one another.  In addition, college admission policies can change over time, sometimes quite suddenly, it seems.  That's why half the time the answer to a question is "check with the college where you plan to apply." Here is the solution.  Create change.  Be a change agent.  Be proactive. Make the change happen by being assertive and asking for change.  Simply asking them to...
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Guest — Renee
Happy "golden" birthday, Mr. Binz!
Friday, 03 September 2010 20:10
Guest — Jeff Thompson
I tried the same thing, but unfortunately in my case, it didn't make any difference. My daughter was getting lots of recruitment a... Read More
Friday, 03 September 2010 17:05
Guest — Ann
hi Matt! Wishing you a joyful celebration of this very special birthday. Here's to "Nifty Fifty!" (I'm already there.) Ann &... Read More
Friday, 03 September 2010 08:57
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Providing Work Samples

Providing Work Samples
Do colleges want work samples mainly from the child's senior year?~TheresaDear Theresa,Thank you for your question!  Some colleges will want samples of work, and other colleges will not.  When a college asks for work samples, they may not all want the same sort of thing.  In the colleges that we applied to, one wanted a written lab report from science, another wanted a math paper in the student handwriting, and a couple of colleges wanted a...
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