Super-score to Improve Scholarships

When planning for college, you will need to have  your child take high school tests. You can find out all about high school tests in my article, High School Subject Tests Simply Explained.

When using high school test scores, some college will "super-score" test results. That means they will look at each individual sub score earned each time you have taken the test. They will choose the highest sub score of each test, rather than the highest overall test score. Colleges decide on super-scoring, not parents, but if a college does super-score tests, it can improve your child's statistics, improving the chance of colleges. Let me show you an easy example using simple round numbers.

Suppose your child got these score results: 

  • May SAT score: Reading 500 Math 600 Composite 1100 
  • June SAT score: Reading 600 Math 500 Composite 1100
If a college would super-score your test results, they use the best sub score from each section. Suddenly your child's test results look like this:

  • Super score SAT: Reading 600 Math 600 Composite 1200
Let me explain it another way. In May and June, this child was in the 75th percentile for their score. By super scoring the test, it appears like your child is suddenly in the 85th percentile. That's significantly better! And it can increase your scholarships., too.

It works the same way with the ACT. Some colleges will super-score those results as well.

Taking the SAT or ACT twice will allow colleges to "super-score" if that's their policy, and that can maximize your scholarship awards.

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