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Success Story: Ballet Major Earns Scholarships [Plus 8 easy Tips]

It can be challenging to help your child become a ballerina. It can be challenging to help your child get into college with scholarships. When you are trying to do both at the same time, though - wow! That's a tough one! Read on and find out about one family that has a success story to tell about a ballet major that earns scholarships in a school of fine arts!

 Here are 8 easy tips to help you work though the process of college admissions and scholarships for your fine arts student.

  1. Provide a rigorous curriculum, including math and science, to provide a broadly educated child capable of any career and able to get scholarships at any university.
  2. Create a transcript that includes all academics, including art and dance classes, and other fine arts that your child finds interest in.
  3. Write course descriptions that explain the rigor of your homeschool in a way that a university admission office would understand.
  4. Attend Performing and Visual Arts College Fairs, and take classes about auditions (and make portfolios for visual artists).
  5. Visit universities and conservatories to compare programs.
  6. Apply for both universities, which may offer better scholarships, as well as conservatories.
  7. Search for private scholarships during high school. Read College Scholarships for High School Credit: Learn and Earn With This Two-for-One Strategy to learn how it can become an English credit for high school.
  8. Research the college application process to be sure that you understand what's involved, from beginning to end. College Applications Simply Explained Workshop is a great way to start learning about what's required.

You can be successful, just like Dana successfully got her daughter Sydney into an excellent school for ballet! See what she had to say.

I just had to tell you! Sydney was accepted to University, both academically and into the School of the Arts for ballet! I could not have done the academic part without you!! Thank you so much!! Plus, she has already been awarded a $16,000 per year academic scholarship totaling $64,000. We're pursuing more scholarships but that was just from her application!!! Thank you for all your help! I have shared your info with my homeschool friends and my local homeschool group that I lead and everyone has been blessed! I am having a special "addressing high school" meeting soon to encourage moms and help them get started earlier. I thought I was prepared, and I was, if my child simply wanted to go to the local college or an academically-oriented college, but I was not prepared for the level of expectation of documents needed for a competitive colleges, additional applications and essays for dance, as well as audition requirements! It has been a challenge!

Dana in Michigan

 The arts are wonderful delight-directed learning classes that should be included in your homeschool records. This free instand download will help you learn how!How to Put Fabulous Fun on Your Homeschool Transcript and Convert Natural Learning into High School Credit

If you need more personalized help, consider joining my Gold Care Club. I can help you every step along the way!

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Friday, 23 July 2021

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