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Start a Business and Change the World

Start a Business and Change the World

Does your teen have big ideas but you’re not sure how to help make them happen? Do you encourage your teen to change the world but don’t know exactly how?

According to the Kauffman Foundation, 54 percent of millennials either want to start a business or already have one started. We live in a world where people all around are talking about doing something significant with their ideas. Never before has it been easier to start a ministry or business and impact people all over the world in a significant way.

The College Launch Solution can prepare your teen for college or career.

We live in an age where anything you can dream of can be accomplished. The technology exists. People are planning to go and live on Mars. Someone can raise $200K on Kickstarter with a short talking head video to build a hoverboard. Anything you can think of can be done with the current state of technology today.

The greatest opportunities are still in front of us. The best:

  • Programs have yet to be designed
  • Tools have yet to be created
  • Vehicles have yet to be built
  • Education tools have yet to be launched
  • Health solutions have yet to be solved
  • Science discoveries have yet to be made

Surround your teen with mentors and peers who will push them to be their best. Encourage them to live with intentionality. After all, your teen will be in five years what they choose to be today. The books they read and friends they surround themselves with define their future.

That is why our friends at Unbound (formerly CollegePlus) have launched the Business & Leadership program. This year-long intensive will give your teen the skills and experience they need to start a business or non-profit, lead and manage people, or scale a business.

Picture your child spending their freshman year of college collaborating with like-minded students, being mentored by business professionals, and attending 3 exciting, hands-on events, all while earning 30 credits towards their bachelor's degree. That’s the Business & Leadership program. Is your teen ready?

Get your child Unbound and start a business and change the world for the better!

Click to Learn More!

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Wednesday, 21 April 2021

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