I try to be very careful about what curriculum I recommend, because different approaches will work for different families, but Sonlight is one of the curriculums I have made a point of praising, because we used it in our homeschool for about five years, and really enjoyed it.  The only reason I stopped using it was because I had prolific readers and they read all the books!  I especially recommend Sonlight to people that are new to homeschooling, because I find that their curriculum is one of the easiest curriculums to find. If you’re interested in Sonlight, you can find a link on my website, and they’ll know that I sent you.

Sonlight is very literature-based, so at the high school level the books can be pretty tough reading.  It’s important, then, that your student is a good reader. Even if your child doesn’t like to read but is still a good reader, I think Sonlight can still be a good fit, because the books are so varied.  With such variety, Sonlight offers more of an opportunity for students to learn, because they are more likely to find things that interest them.

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