Dear Lee,

Steven and I are settling into school very well this year, thanks to your help. His guitar teacher said that for English in college he took a course on how to write songs, and since Steven is specializing in music he would like to know:
1. Can he take a course in songwriting for English?
2. Will studying audio engineering for science work instead of Lego robotics engineering?
I have found a couple of nice curriculums that could support these subjects.
Thanks for all your help,

Hi Jennifer,
Oooooooohhhhhhh!  Songwriting for English!  What a TOTALLY cool idea!  Yes, I think it's wonderful!  You could include the concepts of poetry, since that's basically the same thing.  Fun!  My vote is yes!

Audio engineering sounds great too - just like the robotics, it's really just a branch of engineering sciences.  Try to touch on at least one "standard" science, but branching out for fun is a good thing.  I wouldn't have a clue how much audio engineering would be considered a credit, so having a textbook will help you.  You may want to consider counting hours, just so you can be sure of the credit value when you're done.

Jennifer responded:

Hi Lee,
I also thought song writing was totally cool and was hoping you'd think it could work.  Needless to say, Steven can't wait.  We found an online course through that looks pretty good.

As far as audio engineering, there are many online classes, with some offering full credits.  One company offers a textbook and DVD for home study, which might be the way we'll go...I'll have to do a little more investigating.

Have a wonderful night and thanks for your input!

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