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Sometimes Support is Necessary: Homeschool Support

homeschool support

Sometimes Support IS Necessary! Homeschool Support

Some days I get the most fun, humbling, and awesome feedback from my Gold Care Club members!  I grabbed a voicemail from my phone and heard this:

"I haven't talked to you for a while, but you're still my best friend in the homeschool business" ~ Kim

I thought that was so sweet! She was really stressed about her son attending a scholarship competition weekend, so I sent her this article: How to Win a Scholarship Competition and Ace the Admission Interview.

Then I got this note from one of my missionary families, and I was so thrilled to hear about her progress!

Dear Lee,

First of all, I want to say Thank You…for everything.  From the time I bought the Total Transcript Solution in 2009 and got started on high school record-keeping, I have felt your support in our homeschool. Last fall, being a Gold Club Member gave me the encouragement, advice and support that I needed to complete that Comprehensive Record (with over 40 course descriptions!!), a top-notch transcript and all those application essays.  I knew my daughter was amazing, but you helped me to present her in a way that schools will notice her and recognize the special candidate that she is.  She has been accepted to her two top choices (with her top school offering her $19,000 per year in merit-based scholarship, not including special scholarships and financial aid). All of the big scholarship applications have been submitted and there are just a few smaller ones to do this month.  I got my FAFSA done on January 2—early just like you say!  So I feel like the big hurdles are past and now we just need to wait for responses about financial aid, scholarship and Ivy League acceptances. Thank you for all your input and encouragement in the process and I look forward to sharing with you the “end results.”

As missionaries on a limited budget, my Gold Care Club membership was a necessary “luxury” to get me through the toughest part of senior year. Thank you again for walking this journey with me.  I will continue to receive your email, buy and read your books, and recommend your site to other families until our next daughter is ready to go through this process!



Tracey, serving in Mexico City                    

I'm so blessed by Tracey's sweet letter!  Like Kim, her daughter also participated in a full tuition scholarship competition.

Sometimes homeschool support is necessary! Are YOU ready for senior year? It's an intense time, and it goes by quickly, so learn what you can now, so you are prepared.

Finding a Good College Fit
Occupational Education for the Confused Homeschool...


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Tuesday, 13 April 2021

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