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September Gold Care Club Updates

New for this month in the Gold Care Club updates ... 

How To Training Courses

Quick Start : Best Guidance Counselor
Beginner : Preparing to Homeschool High School - Live Convention Part 1/3
Intermediate : High School Testing
Advanced : College Scholarships for High School Credit
Encouragement : College and Faith with Jay Wile

Members Only Webinar

Please join my upcoming webinar!

TechnoLogic: Setting Logical Boundaries on Technology

Date: October 10, 2019

Time: 1:00pm (Pacific Time)

Misuse of technology is a real and present danger that can lead to a zombie apocalypse in your home. This eye-opening workshop offers hope for parents battling the technology monster. Parenting has always been challenging, but these days the hardest parts of parenting teens involve navigating around ever-changing gadgets and technology. Learn how to deal with the harsh reality of technology in your home and how to set technology boundaries for healthy and happy children and teens. Get tips on balancing technology in home education and curriculum choices.

Login to the member page today to find the registration link.

Additional Monthly Benefits

Course Description : Piano
Schedule of the Month:
Weekly Assignment Sheet (Portrait 1)
Resource Pack: Homeschool High School Record Keeping
Ebook of the Month:
How to Homeschool 9th and 10th Grade
Convention Workshop of the Month: Scheduling is the Key to Sanity
The HomeScholar Library: All my latest articles from around the internet
Private Consultations: Instructions on how to reach me are below

Did You Know?

Did you know that we now have a new system where you can control your subscriptions? It's true! You are now able to cancel at any time simply by logging into the Members' Area of the website. When you hover over the Members' Area tab, you can click on "Your Subscriptions." Then simply click the red button to the right of the subscription you wish to cancel.

Need to update an existing credit card or add a new one? You can also now control your credit card information under "Your Credit Cards" in the Members' Area menu. Now you know!

As always, feel free to email us at if you need help!

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Login to take these classes soon, before you forget! Take advantage of these resources between now and the 20th of July, when fresh resources will be available!

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It's easy to sign up! Join The HomeScholar Gold Care Club . On the 20th of every month I update the content of the Gold Care Club. I offer current, fresh, helpful information for homeschooling parents at every stage.

Important FAFSA Facts for Homeschoolers
College Admission Scandal Avoidance in 5 Easy Step...


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Tuesday, 22 October 2019

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