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Searching For Homeschool Socialization

Socialization is not about a group of kids all the same age.  True socialization is about people of ALL ages getting together. When kids are feeling alone, then getting out into the world can provide the socialization they are craving.  Here are some suggestions for socialization activities:

  1. Family and family outings.

  2. Play-only groups;  many support groups will have park days in the summer.  It may be worth joining a group JUST to meet kids are park days.

  3. Homeschool days at various activities:  skating and bowling businesses will often have "homeschool days."

  4. Church and youth groups.

  5. Volunteer work;  work together at a food bank, clothing bank, YMCA or church camps.

  6. Community classes:  take pottery, photography, or exercise classes with a local YMCA.  Take art classes at Michael's or JoAnn stores.

  7. Fitness groups;  join a swim team, running team, or volksmarching.

  8. Call local homeschool groups and ask "What are some ways your group gets together?"

I hope this helps!

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Friday, 05 March 2021

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