Sanity-Saving Strategies for School Days

 kid kickball

For some families, homeschooling high school isn't just about the teenagers.  It also involves keeping much younger siblings occupied.  Here are two big tips for keeping little ones engaged while their older brothers and sisters are working on calculus and physics.


Tip 1: Activity Boxes

Create activity boxes for young children, to keep them busy while you are doing school with older siblings.  Provide one box per day, rotating them so they don't repeat for at least a week or two.  With toys, games, and activities that look new and fresh, they are more likely to stay occupied. All it takes are boxes, and toys you already have in your home. One day could include Lego, another day might include blocks. Here are more ideas!

Quiet Time Bins

50 Activities for 2 Year Olds


Tip 2: Play School

Do you remember playing school when you were little?  It was fun! Allow little ones the chance to pretend they are doing school, just like the older children are doing school. Simple coloring books or worksheets that coordinate with your homeschool lessons can help them feel all grown up.  When they say "I wanna do school" you'll be ready with a plan! Here are ideas for coloring pages and printables.

Coloring Pages on Pinterest

Fall Printables on Pinterest

Preschool Printables


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